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What our posing clients are saying about our coaching, classes, workshops, and lessons. We are very proud to have over over 130 x 5 star reviews on Google  and hundreds more client testimonials through instagram, facebook and messager. But don’t take our word for it have a read and listen below of what our posing champions are saying.

“I Have More Confidence than i knew i ever had”

“My favourite part about Posing with Nat is how much confidence you take away from the Posing classes. She has bought out the best in me andI have more confidence than I knew I would ever have. 

She has this vibrant energy that you kind of absorb from her. She’ll pick poses that suit you best so you look the best on the day. She gives you all the tools you need to be able to get up on stage with confidence. 

There’s so much attention to detail that you just walk away feeling amazing. And the videos and photos that she provides you and the advice it’s everything that you need to get up on stage. And all she does on the outside of the session to help build your confidence is incredible. 

She knows exactly what she’s doing she is so passionate about her job and she is AMAZING. So if you want to just go for it!It’s an investment, it’s investment for yourself so I say – DO IT!”

  • @jemmatoni
  • @kellydeniseowens
  • @christine.m.harris

“I can’t believe how much more confident I feel”

fit icn models posing learning “It was such an amazing experience today at my first posing workshop with @natkitneyposingcoach.

I was able to take away so much and little things to work on! To think a little over 4 months ago I had no idea on how to pose and was nervous as hell to even start, fast forward to now and I can’t believe how much more confident I feel with it and how much I’ve learnt from Nat and still continuing too, this lady is truly amazing at what she does!

15 weeks out of the ICN Victoria! Still a bit to work on and perfect, but I’m definitely ready to put in the work.”

  • In person posing client
  • ICN, Fitness Model

“One of the sweetest souls you’ll ever meet”

icn fitness model workshop class

“One of the sweetest souls you will ever meet @natkitneyposingcoach ? So many times through prep I turned to Nat when I didn’t feel like I had what it took to achieve my goal, and every time she pulled me out of that rut, encouraged me to continue practicing and keep working on every aspect of my prep!

Today I was lucky enough to be apart of one of Nat’s ICN Workshops and meet some beauties that are planning on competing in Season B 2020″

  • #Repost @dannielle_collett
  • ICN Fitness Overall Champion

“She (nat) is amazing” – Online Clients Testimonial

“Get a knowledgeable coach that understands the requirements of each Federation. Each Federation requires different elements in Posing and has different judging criteria, so seek someone who understands the Federation you’re competing in and can help you meet the Posing requirements for that Federation. Once again a.k.a. just contact Nat Kitney posing coach. She is amazing. I’ve only ever done online sessions with her and this is what we’ve developed over only 3 x 45 minute online lessons.

  • @davina_wbff
  • Online Posing Client
  • WBFF Bikini & Wellness Diva

“WOW! She made me look so good.”

“Only my first session with Nat Kitney posing coach and she knew my body better than I did. From every angle and every aspect she made me look so good By just teaching me to pose. So talented and so kind.”

  • ICN Fitness Fitness First Timer
  • REPOST @nikouahh.
  • Client Testimonial from in person client

“She is simply the best in the business” – Online Client Testimony

“Estro-Physiques Our girl @hayley_brooke_m bringing the sass and stage presence! Posing and stage presence is EVERYTHING! Practicing your posing routine should be on the same level of priority as smashing out killer training sessions and adhering to your macros! Doesn’t matter how great your physique looks, if you get on stage with sloppy posing and little confidence, be prepared to not place.⠀

We recommend @natkitneyposingcoach for all our girls! She is simply the best in the business! THANK YOU Nat for working with all our girls to get their posing on par with their killer physiques!”

  • @hayley_brooke_m
  • Online Posing Client
  • ICN New South Wales, NSW⠀
  • #repost Team EP

“Your Phenomenal! Empowering girls around the world!”

posing coach client from npc icn mumma category“You’ve just got to believe in and trust everyone in your team, and no doubt they will, too.⚡ @natkitneyposingcoach Coach, mentor, boss, and leader how grateful I am  for all the encouragement, inspiration, Lessons and your dedication to craft.
Your Phenomenal! Empowering girls around the world! The journey to stage is a Marathon, not a Sprint. Only you can step on to stage, nobody else can do it for you, no one else is going to Forfill your Dreams for you! Never forgot the most important stage of all is life ??So you only want to surround yourself with the BEST.
  • #repost @nataliefit2020
  • ICN Bikini Mumma
  • NPC IFBB Bikini First Timer

“Positive, fun and full of encouragement” – In Person Client Testimonial

new zealand bikini pose coach“Nat’s teaching style is positive, fun and full of encouragement. Her attention to detail is what makes her posing champions stand out on stage. I love working with Nat and I always look forward to our sessions.

Thank you Nat, for perfecting my posing and trying ever so hard to give me some sass. Xx”

  • @msplainjane2016 Marina G
  • ICN Fitness Universe Champion
  • ICN Victorian Fitness Model Mumma


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