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We offer group posing classes for beginners and first timers to advanced and pro athletes. Classes and workshops are as scheduled.

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About our Posing Classes

Posing classes are offered to all levels of posing experience and competitors. Our seminars will teach you how to pose for bikini, fitness, sports, wellness or figure. You can choose the class specific to the federation you are competing in such as:

  • NPC IFBB Pro Leauge
  • ICN I Compete Natural
  • ANB Australasian Body Building Association
  • WBFF World Beauty Fitness Fashion Show
  • PCA Physical Culture Association
  • NBA Natural Bodybuilding Association

ICN Posing Class

Designed for complete beginners/first timers to experienced athletes. This class covers all ICN categories including:

  • Bikini
  • Fitness
  • Sports
  • Swimsuit (one piece)
  • Ms Runway Model
  • ICN Angels

In this ICN large or small group pose class you will learn to Pose with ICN Judge Mary Carra and coach Nat Kitney. We will teach you how an ICN show is run. You will learn division criteria and how to score highly in your category. You will walk away understanding exactly what the judges look for to pose confidently on the ICN stage.

All classes are located at our private posing studio located in Mentone, Melbourne. You can also learn how to pose online if you are located internationally or Australia wide. We cover all ICN competitions throughout Australian including:

  • New South Wales, NSW – Sydney
  • Tasmania, TAS – Hobart
  • Queensland (Brisbane & South Coast & Tropix shows)
  • South Australia, SA- Adelaide
  • Western Australia, WA-Perth

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Pose with an IFBB Pro Leauge Australian Judge Michael Buna and Nat Kitney. Our bikini, fitness and wellness classes will teach you everything you need to know about an NPC IFBB Pro Leauge competition. Get up close and personal with the Australian head judge. Michael Buna attends our classes and judges at all Australian shows including Sydney, Tasmania, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

You will learn how to pose for wellness, figure and bikini. We will teach you division criteria and how to score highly in your comparisons and stage walk. As apart of attending our seminars for NPC IFBB you will received individual judges feedback. This is on your posing prior to getting on stage.

All  classes are approximately ninety minutes. Contact us today for the next available dates.

ANB Posing Classes

Learn poses, half turns and how to model walk for ANB competitions. We cover all aspects of you posing to get on stage confidently. Pose with ANB National Head Judge Fiona Wallace and Nat Kitney. You will meet ANB Pro bikini models. Our bikini, fitness and swimsuit international classes will teach you everything you need to know about an ANB competition. You will be able to learn all about what judges look for. Fiona Wallace (Head Judge) attends our pose classes and judges at all Australian shows including Sydney, Tasmania, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth

  • Learn poses specific to ANB
  • Learn the choreography of ANB stage walk and how to include creativity to score highly
  • Learn the ANB Model walking
  • Find our how to stand out & score highly in theme wear

WBFF Posing Rehearsals

Learn how to stand out as a WBFF diva at our group posing classes. We invite judges and pro athletes from the WBFF to attend out pose workshops to teach you all the secrets. We will share with you how a WBFF show is formatted. This includes learning a full t stage walk routine, how to walk and quarter turns.

Group classes will help you build confidence for stage by rehearsing your show in a fun and friendly environment. We cover all categories including:

  • Bikini Diva
  • Fitness Diva
  • Wellness Diva
  • Figure Diva

WBFF is so much more than just hitting the pose, its about engaging the audience, capturing the judges attention. As well as choreographing your stage walk so you know exactly what will be your photo moments.

WBFF shows is all about combining beauty, fitness and fashion, it’s far from a body building show.
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Lat Activation Workshop

Learn how to active your lats to score highly on stage with our private Lat activation class. In our workshop you will learn:

  • Learn Lat activation exercises for correct upper body positioning to score highly
  • Learn how to Increase torso flexibility & mobility for stronger poses
  • Understand rowing & pulling movement patterns in the gym to assist with lat activation & muscle development

In this small seminar you will be coached how to bring awareness and control to your upper body. Therefore, this will help you to position their deltoids, trapezius and back correctly. Learning lat activation will:

  • Help create symmetry
  • Create more of an X shape
  • Enhance S shape & curve

Being aware of and knowing how to control and position your upper body: 

  • Enhances the muscularity and the competitors ability to over pose in order to under pose to what’s required for their division
  • Creates further symmetry from top to bottom
  • Makes the waist line appear smaller
  • Accentuates all your hard work

One on one and private group posing sessions also available, please contact us for more information.

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