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About Our Posing Coaching

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Step on stage confidently as a Bikini, Fitness, Sports, Wellness or Figure competitor with our Posing Coaching. Here you will learn all about our posing coaching services. We offer in person, online or group posing classes. Our coaching is specific to working with female competitors and athletes on their posing and confidence for stage. This also includes how to pose for Instagram, pageants and photo shoots. We offer personal,  group and online posing coaching packages for all federations including NPC, ICN, WBFF, ANB, WFF, IFBB, WBFF, PCA, & AWNBS. Click on the button below and contact us today to start to build your confidence to pose in bikinis.

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What You Will Learn in Your Posing Classes

  • How to pose specific to the federation you are competing in eg ICN, NPC, IFBB, ANB ect
  • Design perfect poses that suit your individual physique
  • Help build your confidence for stage
  • Teach you to move so that your stage walk, transitions and turns look polished and flawless
  • Share with you what the judges are looking for
  • Teach you how you can score highly in your division
  • Show you techniques to stand out if you want to shine
  • Connect you with other aspiring fitness and bikini models to share your journey and passion with

Posing Coaching Packages for Every Federation

Coaching bikini posing in a group class

We offer step by step structured posing packages (in person or online or group) and guides in our sessions as well as coaching packages designed to give you confidence on stage as a bikini, fitness, wellness, sports or figure competitor.

These posing packages will give you all the tips on what the judges look for specific to the federation you choose to compete in. Click below for more information on the federation you are competing in and what we offer.

Posing packages are offered to both one on one, online and group clients. They are designed with a specific goal in mind for each session and are tailored specific to the federation you choose to compete in. Having a plan for your posing coaching is essential to be confident for stage. As all your sessions and times are booked in advance packages save you money on your posing. Therefore giving you the confidence that you will be posing ready for that stage.

Find out more information on posing coaching packages for the show you are competing in or brief descriptions are below of a few (but not all) packs we offer.


To ensure you step on stage confident, the following coaching is available for all levels from beginner, first timers, novice, intermediate to advanced athletes:

Personal One on One Posing Coaching

A complete personal approach to your posing, physique and style. We are able to work with your specific body type and shape. This can be done at our private studio in Mentone, Melboure. Or world wide via online video call with your coach.

Small Group Posing Coaching

Larger grouped sessions are available for groups of 2 – 5 people. Organise your own group of friends or register your interest here for group sessions scheduled leading up to competition to Nat directly by clicking this button.

Large Group Posing Coaching Classes Workshops

Large group classes are as scheduled (check out Posing events by clicking here) and are suitable for all federations, bikini fitness and sports models novice/beginner – advanced, teaching you the basic fundamentals for posing, find out what the judges look for and how to score highly in your division.

Online Posing Coaching

Learn Posing for all federations from anywhere around the world via online video call posing coaching. This choice allows you to pose from anywhere is the world and in the comfort of your own home. All sessions are 45 minutes. They include detailed instructional videos of everything you cover in the session with your coaches.

Examples of Pose Packs

We offer guidance for all federations. Below you will find some basic details on whats included in these packs.

ICN Posing Coaching Packages

icn nz new zealand sports models

Learn how to pose for i compete natural throughout Australia and worldwide (including New Zealand) NZ. Over 4 sessions our coaches will teach you everything you need to know for the ICN stage as a bikini, sports, fitness, swimsuit (one piece) or angel categories. Along your journey with us you will also have the opportunity to work personally with ICN judges through our ICN Posing Classes

Our coaches teach ICN poses specifically to each state in Australia and around the world including:

  • New Zealand NZ
  • India
  • Korea
  • VIC Victoria
  • NSW, New South Wales
  • SA, South Australia
  • QLD, Queensland
  • WA, Western Australia
  • TAS, Tasmania

WBFF Posing Coaching Packages

how to pose for world beauty fitness fashion show

Learn the sass and confidence of a bikini, fitness or figure diva. Over four to six posing sessions we will teach you:

  • How to pose for the WBFF
  • Modeling walking to strut confidently on stage
  • Full choreography of a posing t-walk routine
  • How to build your Instagram following to increase marketability
  • Tips on how to stand out on registration night
  • Evening dress posing for bikini divas
  • Theme wear posing and how to stand out as a fitness or figure diva
The Choreography of your WBFF t-walks and poses are taught as if every step and every pose could be a front cover shot for a magazine.
Posing is all about capturing that perfect “photo moment” on stage. WBFF is so much more than just hitting the pose, its about engaging the audience, capturing the judges attention. Along with, choreographing your stage walk so you know exactly what will be your photo moments. WBFF Posing is all about combining beauty, fitness and fashion, it’s far from a body building show.

IFBB NPC Posing Coaching Package

poses for bikinis in ifbb pro leauge

Learn how to pose for the NPC IFBB Pro Leauge and elite pro leauge. We cover all female categories including:

  • Bikini
  • Wellness
  • Fitness
  • Figure

You will be guided through your poses in person (Melbourne, Australia) or world wide via online coaching. Our qualified NPC Bikini posing coaches will teach you how to pose like a pro olympia athlete. Sessions are broken down and structured step by step teaching you every aspect of an IFBB NPC  body building competition. You are able to work with the NPC IFBB Pro leauge world wide judge Michael Buna at our posing classes and rehearsals.  Through 4-6 sessions we will teach you your i walk routine, how to pose for bikini and wellness categories. Find out more details on our posing package here.

ANB Posing Coaching Packages

posing for anb fitness modelLearn poses for the anb as a first timer to an advanced competitor. We offer coaching for all levels and female division of the anb, these include:

  • Swimsuit model
  • International swimsuit model
  • Fitness Model
  • Figure

As our client you will learn every aspect of how an ANB show is ran. Step by step guidance will be offered at every stage. Our coaches also are ANB qualified to coach ANB athletes around the world and throughout Australia in the following states:

  • New South Wales NSW
  • South Australia SA
  • Queensland QLD
  • Western Australia WA
  • Australian Capital Territory ACT

Contact us for more information on coaching options or to book your lessons.

Exercises and topics covered in posing sessions include:

  • Bikini or fitness model – Which division is right for you?
  • Self-confidence for stage
  • Judging criteria specific to your division
  • Quarter and half turns
  • Front, side & back pose – The basics of each pose to suit your division and federation
  • Symmetry and correct body positioning within posing
  • How to showcase your physique in your transitions making thmy graceful and controlled
  • Understanding judging criteria, and what the judges look for within each pose
  • Poses to suit your specific body type
  • Choreography of your unique front of stage routine
  • Walking and posing in heels
  • The stage walk specific to your competition
  • Stage etiquette


  • Gain confidence through posing
  • Differences in federations & divisions
  • Understanding judging criteria
  • Quarter & half Turns
  • Walking & transitions
  • Meet & hear from experienced competitors



In Person - Mentone, Melbourne, Australia

Online - World Wide