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Time to get real- It’s all an ILLUSION

Sometimes I think I create such illusions with posing for photos that I look back at them and I feel like I don’t even look like that! ⤴️⤴️⤴️ This is one of them and here’s what I’m thinking while getting into this selfie just like the many things my posing clients think of when getting into that perfect pose on stage.

▶️ hips to the side shoulders the the front to make my waist look smaller
▶️ push into my hip to make my glutes look rounder there fore makes my wait look smaller
▶️ hold my stage heels ? like dumbbells to activate my biceps and cap my shoulder
▶️ exhale to get my abs popping
▶️ angle the camera from up looking down to once again make the shoulders look bigger and waist look smaller
▶️ and….. SMILE and try and make it feel natural and that I’m not even thinking about all of the above!!

Selfies, posing and getting on stage is hard work but it’s so easy to assume they naturally stand like that but portraying that it is natural is what makes you competitive on stage.

Happy posing and taking selfies everyone.

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