PCA ICN Bikini Model Posing Coaching Package Complete 

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Anyways, last ever posing session before hitting the stage! Confidence is high and I cannot wait to hit that stage! This bikini is glam glam glam and shines brighter then the stars! (Good distraction in case I forget a move) .cannot thank @natkitneyposingcoach enough for helping me come from a shy, self conscious, two left feet girl to the confidence to run backwards in stage heels ? you’re truely the nicest human and have the glutes a girl can only dream to have! Thank you thank you thank you! .






✔️ Teaching you the basic fundamentals to be competitive as a bikini and fitness model through your upper body positioning and placement

✔️ Learn exercises to develop mind muscle connection to open up your back and to be able to execute perfect back pose 

✔️ learn how to incorporate competitive upperbody positioning throughout your quarter/half turns and transitions

✔️ Gain confidence through posing

✔️ Meet & hear from experienced competitors

“Its not just about teaching you how to pose, I love to create a support network between my girls through my workshops. As you start to work with me you will find out I’m not only your posing coach but become your support/motivation/guidance/advice coach & friend”

– Nat Kitney

ONE on ONE & private group posing sessions also available, please contact Nat Kitney on the information below.


Nat Kitney – Bikini & Fitness Model Posing Coach

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