PCA Bikini Toned Trained Stage T Walk Posing Coach

? PCA Bendigo Classic.
? Bikini Toned First Timers.
? Bikini Toned Short.
??‍♀️ @graceat30 .

Look it wasn’t perfect, I may have mucked a few things up and I was nervous as all hell at first… butttttt… here was my first ever T Walk!
And I loved it!!! ?? ??✨???❤️

With posing its not necessarily about performing the perfect choreography but when you understand your poses & transitions even if mistakes are made you have learnt your posing so well that you transition in an out of what ever happens to help look fluent when you do get nervous – exactly like bikini @graceat30 ?????

✔️ Teaching you the basic fundamentals to be competitive as a bikini and fitness model through your upper body positioning and placement
✔️ Learn exercises to develop mind muscle connection to open up your back and to be able to execute perfect back pose
✔️ learn how to incorporate competitive upperbody positioning throughout your quarter/half turns and transitions
✔️ Gain confidence through posing
✔️ Meet & hear from experienced competitors

“Its not just about teaching you how to pose, I love to create a support network between my girls through my workshops. As you start to work with me you will find out I’m not only your posing coach but become your support/motivation/guidance/advice coach & friend”
– Nat Kitney

ONE on ONE & private group posing sessions also available, please contact Nat Kitney on the information below.

Nat Kitney – Bikini & Fitness Model Posing Coach
@pcabendigoclassic @pca_australia @pca_official
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