Online Posing Coaching

Online posing on laptop for bikini modelsOnline posing coaching packages are designed to give you personalised posing guidance from the comfort of your home and from anywhere in the world.  Contact us for more information on how your online call will be formatted and what is included.

How are online posing calls done?

Throughout your class you will be guided through all our posing tips, your individual poses, presentation, walking and stage presence.

Each session you complete with your qualified posing coach on the web includes a detailed personalised instructional posing guide and videos of everything covered by your coach in each session for you to keep and learn away from our sessions as homework.

Contact us for more information on our online posing packages.


What federations poses do we cover in our tutorials?

Our online internet posing coaches are able to take you through any of our posing packages specific to the federation you are competing in. Some of these federations include:

You are able to book in a package and pay upfront to save some money on your coaching or just go session by session.

All posing coaching (in person or online) with all our qualified Posing Coaches can be booked online through our booking website and above links. 

Single Session Personal Coaching Bookings

  • Follow the link above to book single posing sessions
  • Click on available classes. Here you can able to scroll through the calendar and check availability of sessions and appointment and book and pay online
  • Once booked in download the PT MINDER app. Here you can log in any time and check, update, book in or reschedule your posing appointments.

4 or 6 Session Packages

  • Save money and purchase a 4 or 6 session posing pack
  • By purchasing your sessions all in advance you can then have the confidence that you wont miss our on your preferred time. This way you can also spread them out leading into your bikini competition leaving enough time in-between each class to practice from the bikini posing tips guide you receive in each personal session.
  • Once you have purchased the posing package, go back into the calendar and use the credit you have purchased to book all your sessions.