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“Thank you so much for adding me to this group! I have been meaning to tell you again just how thankful I am for our lesson on Sunday! 1 lesson in and I am already 100x more confident and actually look forward to practicing my poses as I know exactly what I’m trying to get from each pose!
You are an amazing teacher and brilliant at what you do Nat! You made a Skype lesson feel like we were in the same room and everything was so easy to understand!
Thank you again, I cannot wait for our next lesson! ????”

About Bikini & Fitness Model Posing Coach Nat Kitney. Nat Kitney is a 3 times Bikini Model Champion within the Australasian Natural Bodybuilding (ANB) & World Natural Body Building Associations (WNBF/INBF). Her sound knowledge of posing for bikini and fitness models was developed from her experience on stage herself, consistently staying up to date with judging criteria, working closely with judges from various federations (ICN, ANB, WFF, IFBB, WBFF, INBA, PCA) learning from the hundreds of bikini and fitness models she has worked with and combining that with her 12 years of dance and aerobics instruction.

With all this combined she offers experienced and up to date posing coaching specific to all federations and is able to break down all the (posing) steps to stage in detail with the different packages she offers to her clients according to what federation they choose to compete in (eg IFBB WFF ANB ICN WBFF INBA PCA).

Located in Mentone, Nat has built her posing business on the passion and love she has for helping the girls in the sport which has led to her opening her very own private Posing Studio.

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