NPC IFBB Wellness Front Pose

Learn all your NPC IFBB Wellness front pose tips for the NPC IFBB Wellness category. Here you will learn category and division rules on how to stand correctly for wellness bodybuilding competitions in the USA, UK, Australia and all worldwide shows. Or you can book directly all your online or in person posing coaching sessions with our highly qualified NPC coaches.

Poses for off how to stand

But firstly let’s find out what the wellness division actually is.

What is the Wellness Catergory

The Wellness division is designed for women who have more muscular development in their lower body. This category looks for an imbalance in symmetry. Your Lower body must be more developed than upper, specifically in your hips, Glutes, hamstrings and quads.

Your conditioning must be similar to that of an NPC IFBB Bikini model. Therefore you must have no obvious muscle separation as a figure competitor would.

What is the category ifbb

To find out if your physique is suited to the wellness category you’re able to book an online
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How do I Pose for Wellness?

How you pose for the wellness category is very specific and includes mandatory poses. As a Wellness competitor you are required to perform quarter turns for your comparisons including:

  • Front pose
  • Side Pose
  • Back Pose
  • Side Pose

Quarter turn stances

Each pose has specific guidelines that you need to follow. You can learn these rules through our online or in person posing coaching sessions.

Judging Criteria for Wellness Front Pose

You can perform the wellness front pose in a number of different ways. How you execute it should be suited to your physique. That is why as our client you will learn what suits you best in posing coaching sessions.

As a competitor there are are some basic fundamentals you need follow in order to execute front pose correctly. These include the following headings.

Create an Imbalance In Symmetry

Competitors must stand in a way to display the lower body larger than the upper body. Symmetry however must be evident from side to side throughout the athletes body.

Showing imbalance in symmetry for posing

Showcase Quadricep Development

As a Wellness athlete you must display the full development of your quadricep when standing front on to the judges.

Category rules to show posing

Small Waist and V Taper

In the wellness category you must ensure that you pose in a way that creates the waistline to look small and tight. Even though the upper body must look smaller than lower you are required to still display a strong “V taper” and a small waist line.

Create a small waist with poses

Conditioning for Wellness

Conditioning refers to how lean you are as an athlete. It is also determined by how much muscle separation is displayed. As a Wellness model you must have the same conditioning as NPC IFBB bikini models.

How lean do I have to be for ifbb shows

This includes all of the following:

  • No muscle striations or too much separation between muscle groups
  • Full round Glutes
  • Slight separation between the hamstring and glute area

Learn How to Perform Front Pose

Now you understand the division criteria and what judges look for now it’s time to learn how to correctly execute your frontal position.

You should take into consideration a number of parts of the body when performing a front pose.

Hand Placement “Tea Pot Arm”

NPC worldwide judges recently held a meeting. Here they concluded that if you hold your wrist or hand up to high in a teapot position see image below this is now officially marked down.

You must hold your hand and arm in a relaxed position. Our top tips of how to hold your hand and arm in  front pose includes:

  • ensure that the palm is facing towards your glutes. Or slightly towards the judges
  • Do not cover your glutes or body shape with your hands or arm
  • Try not to hold your hand too far away from your body creating a teapot look

Here NPC IFBB Worldwide Australian Head Judge Michael Buna discusses the “tea pot” arm.

Foot Position

Your foot position in a front pose is very dependent on the muscle development of your physique. You’ll find that there are a few different wellness front pose stances. Throughout our posing coaching sessions we will identify which one is the strongest for your frontal pose.

How to feet in transitions

Here are our top tips to help guide you into the right position for your body:

  • Position your toes turned slightly out to accentuate the shape of your quadriceps muscle
  • Include in your choreography two different front poses & foot positions. This will showcase different shapes in your legs.
  • Feet position can be in a closer stance or wider stance. We suggest you try both and see what suits you best

Knee Position

Your knee position should maximise the width and thickness of your legs hips and glutes. Usually as a wellness competitor you should have your knees turned out. Therefore, learning to be flexible and opening out through your adductors is key to executing your front pose.

Hip Placement

How you position your hips will usually dictate how small your waist is. Here are some guidelines about how to position your hips:

  • Try and not stand completely front on as this is the widest part of your waistline
  • Drop the hip down towards the opposite toe
  • Aim to twist through the midsection slightly to also display the clothes from the front position

Placement for hips when bikini posing

Shoulders & Lat Activation

Always aim to create symmetry and balance in your shoulders from side to side. Our goal as a Wellness competitor is to have a smaller upper body. You must also ensure not to flare your lats.

Wellness Front Pose Variations

Your front pose for wellness can be done in a variety of different ways. Not every pose will suit everyones body. You must always choose the front pose that suits your physique the best.

When you work with one of our Posing coaches we are able to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, teach you how to stand for wellness correctly according to your physique.

Different front on poses for wellness body building

Incorrect NPC IFBB Wellness Posing

Below are a few examples of what you should not do when standing front on to the judges. Please refer to the NPC judging criteria for specific rules of what gets markets down in posing for wellness

  • Standing too front on
  • Wrong hand on hip (usually back hand should be on the hip)
  • Tea pot arm
  • Flaring Lats too much
  • Pose for NPC not elite

Wellness Posing Coaching

For more detailed information on how to pose for wellness our coaches offer online or in person packages specifically for this division.

Online guidance for well models

In our coaching packages we take you through a step-by-step structured program teaching you everything you need to know to be confident on stage as a wellness competitor for the NPC IFBB Pro Leauge stage including:

  • Learn front side back pose to suit your physique
  • Quarter turns and comparisons for wellness
  • How to walk as a model
  • I walk / stage walk routine and choreography
  • Correct stage etiquette

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