Midnight Spray Tanning


The comp tanner you can trust.

Midnight Spray Tanning use the darkest, most intense competition colour on the market today. There’s no sign of orange or green tones, just a beautiful rich brown colour every time!

Enhancement of your physique
The products used by MST have the amazing ability to define and enhance your physique on stage in any lighting.

Fast drying
It is also fast drying with moisturising agents and minimal rub off.
All of the MST tanning specialists are trained in the same proven technique and trade secrets. What I like about MST is you receive the same tanner each time, this means you are guaranteed to get the same great service and the same winning tan, every time.


MST studios are located in South East Melbourne, Northern Territory and Far North Queensland. The MST team are also backstage at each of the shows to provide you with the application of top coats, sheen, touch ups and bikini bite. To find out more or to book in visit the Midnight Spray Tanning website