In person posing coaching

swimsuit guidance for swimsuit competitionThis style of coaching is a completely personalised and private posing experience. Enhance your posing and stage presentation with our in person personal coaching. Our qualified coaches will share with you all our posing tips. We will help you master the art of showcasing your physique correctly with a more hands on personal approach. Suitable for complete first timers, beginners, novice, intermediate to experienced and pro athletes. Click the pink button below to enquire about our in person coaching.

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What You Will Learn

Topics covered in our in person lessons include many topics from model walking, transitions to mandatory, symmetry & muscularity poses plus individual body building routines. You’ll learn how to accentuate your strengths, hide your “work ons” and, most importantly, find out how to build confidence for stage.

Poses For Your Competition

learning bikini fitness front poseYou’ll be guided as to what poses suit you best for your bikini competition. The poses you will learn are completely tailored to your physique. They will also be specific to the federation (eg NPC, IFBB Pro Leauge, WBFF, ICN ect) and category (eg bikini, fitness, wellness, figure ect) that you are competing in. Therefore, it is advised that you have a general idea of what competition and category you are competing in prior to your posing lessons. However, if you are unsure of this your coach is able to asses your physique and guide you as to what category and federation you may be suited to.

Poses you will learn include a front, side and back pose. And, If competing as a figure or physique model you will also lean symmetry, mandatory muscularity poses. As well as a full body building routine.

Posing Transitions

how to transition as a swimsuit modellingYou will be guided by your coach through specific posing exercises on how to transition fluently and confidently. Posing sessions on transitions include topics such as:

  • Correct weight placement
  • Learning how to pivot correctly
  • Choreography of your steps between poses for confidence
  • How to wear your stage heels to feel secure
  • How to balance correctly in your posing shoes

Learn How To Walk As A Bikini Runway & Model

pose and walking guidesYou will learn through a step by step guide from your mentor how to walk as a runway and bikini model. Each session is structured and lessons will include both how to walk in stage high heels and sports runners as a Model.

With all our posing tips we will have you walking like a Victoria’s Secret Model with muscles.

Full Stage Walk choreography

If your federation includes a stage walk complete choreography of this walk is included. The walk will break down for you including what to do at each different point of your t, i or z walk. Therefore you will have complete confidence the moment you step on stage as a bikini, wellness or figure competitor.

Federations that include individual stage walks are:

  • NPC IFBB Pro Leauge: I walk
  • WBFF: T walk
  • ANB: Cat Walk/ T walk depending on what state your competing with (eg NSW VIC QLD)
  • WFF: T Walk
  • PCA: I Walk
  • AWNBS: V Walk
  • ICN: South Australia V Walk

Full Posing Routines choreography of quarter turns & half turns

As part of your personal posing experience you will have your quarter and half turns completely choreographed. Each step of your full posing routine will be suited to your physique. Therefore you will be more competitive and confident on stage. This is because your poses suit your body and you have structure.

full t v walks for wbff wff competitions

Body building routines

If you are competing in a federation that requires you to perform a 60-90 second routine this can be included in your package. It’s as simple as send your coach your music and in your personal session we can include choreography of a full body building routine. Federations that include pose routines include:

  • NABBA/WFF World Fitness Federation
  • NPC IFBB Pro Leauge – Fitness models only
  • ANB – Figure Models

What is included in our in personal posing coaching

Our coaching services go beyond just teaching you how to pose in your swimsuit. When working with our company also included in your posing packages is also the following.

Access to our Private posing studio

inside pose at our studio in melbourne victoriaAs a client you will have twenty four seven access (upon availability and booking) to our private Posing studio located in Mentone Melbourne. This is, for you to practice your posing.

Feedback between sessions

When you purchase a posing coaching package you are able to send your practice videos online to your coach between sessions for feedback and accountability. This is a fantastic way to make sure that you don’t get into bad habits and can improve between sessions.

Work directly with judges

word with anb wbff judgesWe offer many opportunities to work in group posing classes, small group environments or personally with judges from federations such as NPC IFBB pro league, ANB, and ICN. These sessions can either be done personally at our studio or through an online video call.


Our private posing studio is located in Mentone, Melbourne, Victoria. If your unable to make it in person into the studio we offer all our coaching services world wide with our online personal coaching. Meaning we can coach you from Australia to:

  • New Zealand
  • UK
  • America
  • India
  • Korea
  • Greece
  • Italy

A complete world wide service for bikini, fitness, figure, wellness, sports models.





In Person - Mentone, Melbourne, Australia

Online - World Wide