NPC IFBB Wellness Posing

The NPC IFBB pro league wellness category has just been introduced to Australia. The first show with the wellness division was at the state and national championships in 2019. Posing of this new division in very unique so here we share all the posing tips and division criteria. That way you will understand how to score highly for the wellness category NPC IFBB Pro leauge world wide.

IFBB Wellness poses

Division Criteria for NPC IFBB Wellness

This category looks for an imbalance in symmetry between the upper and lower body. Competitors are required to showcase more muscularity in the lower half throughout their hips, glutes and leg area. Upper body should be smaller and not display as much muscularity.

What is the IFBB Wellness Posing division from the NPC IFBB Pro Leauge Website:

“This division is for females with athletic physique’s that showcase more body mass in the hips, glutes and thigh areas. The upper body is developed but not to the same degree as the lower body.”

What posing is required?

ifbb wellness side pose

Competitors are asked to do an individual I walk to where they will be told on the day whether to hold two or one poses at the front of the stage.

They are also required to go through quarter turns where the 4 poses are specific to Wellness competitors. Note: they will be marked down if standing incorrectly.

Wellness competitors will also be asked to execute model walking where the instructions will be “face the rear of the stage”, “walk to the rear of the stage”, “facing front” and “walk forward”.

Posing for the IFBB Wellness category is a very fine art. And here are some tips on how to pose correctly for the IFBB Wellness category.

  • Understand the judging criteria and proportions in the symmetry that your upper body must be posed smaller than your lower body
  • Ensure that you understand the mandatory poses for wellness which to include quarter turns unlike bikini poses which are simply just face the rear face the front
  • Conditioning for this category is exactly the same as a bikini competitor, however as stated before muscle mass is different.

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