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Learn how to score highly for NPC IFBB Wellness posing. Posing of Wellness competitors is very unique and involves specific criteria and rules. Here we share with you all the posing tips and division criteria for your bodybuilding competition. That way you will understand how to score highly for the wellness category in the USA, Australia and world wide.

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Division Criteria for NPC IFBB Wellness

Rules and judging criteria for NPC models
As a Wellness competitor you must display an imbalance in symmetry. This means, that as a model you are required to showcase and pose more muscularity in the lower body including your:

  • Glutes
  • Hamstrings
  • Quads
  • Calves

Your upper body should be smaller in muscle development than lower. Symmetry from side to side of your physique is required.

What is the NPC IFBB Wellness division from the NPC IFBB Pro Leauge Website:

“This division is for females with athletic physique’s that showcase more body mass in the hips, glutes and thigh areas. Your upper body is developed but not to the same degree as the lower body.”

How do you Pose for NPC IFBB Wellness ?

Wellness bodybuilding competitions include three separate sections. As a result, we discuss these tips in detail they include:

  • Individual stage walk routine
  • Quarter turns also known as comparisons
  • Model walking

Individual Stage Walk Routine

Wellness posing routineYou as a Wellness competitor are asked to do an individual stage walk routine. But depending on what country and state you compete in this walk can vary. The most common stage walk for NPC is an “i” walk. This is where there are two points to stop at for the stage walk. One point at the rear and one point at the front of the stage.

You will also usually have a time limit for how long you are able to perform your full posing routine. You may also be told that you are only allowed to do a certain number of poses and transitions in your choreography. On the day of your bodybuilding show you may also be told how many please to hold at each point.

Quarter Turns & Comparisons

Mandatory poses for NPC ifbb wellness Unlike bikini models, as a wellness athlete you are required to perform quarter turns for the comparisons. This is done as a group. Here a majority of the judging is completed. That is as judges will be comparing your physique to the other competitors on stage.

The judges will ask you to:

  • Face front
  • Quarter turn to the right
  • Quarter turn to face the rear
  • Face the side / quarter turn to the right
  • Face front

The quarter turns consist of four main poses. Front, side, back and side. Each pose has specific criteria and instructions you must follow and display to the judges. The wellness front pose must be suited specific to your physique. Note: You may be marked down if standing incorrectly.

Find out more specific requirements of these poses and how to pose for wellness here . Or click the pink button at the top of this page for a personal posing session to teach you wellness rules and poses.

Model Walking

Walking in stage heelsModel walking is included in your comparisons as a Wellness model. You will be asked to “face the rear of the stage”. Then you will be instructed to “walk to the rear of the stage” or “take five steps to the rear”. Here you will hold you back pose again. Then this is when you will be instructed to “face forward “. Therefore walking to the front line.

Top Tips for NPC IFBB Wellness Posing

Posing for the IFBB Wellness category is very detailed and specific. Here are some general tips on how to pose correctly:

  • You must understand the judging criteria and proportions in the symmetry.
  • Understand that your upper body must be posed smaller than your lower body
  • Ensure that you understand the mandatory poses for wellness.
  • Wellness athletes perform four main poses. This is unlike npc bikini model poses.
  • Your condition for this category is exactly the same as a NPC bikini model. However as stated before muscle mass is different.

Wellness Posing Coaching

Australia pose coach wellnessIn person and worldwide online posing coaching is available. Our highly qualified NPC Wellness pose coaches will take you through a step-by-step structured program teaching you:

  • Judging and division criteria
  • How to pose for wellness to suit your individual physique
  • How to transition smoothly and confidently
  • Model walking and how to present correctly to the judges
  • Full choreography of your stage work routine
  • Comparisons and callouts
  • Stage etiquette and how to shine like and Olympia wellness athlete

You’ve got the body – now get that trophy! Posing is the key to success.

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