Teaching how to pose ifbb

Learn the sass, confidence and flair of a pro IFBB and NPC bikini model with our structured IFBB bikini posing package. We work alongside the IFBB Australian Pro League judge Michael Buna and president Tony Doherty with our group posing coaching classes.

Group posing class workshop
Group posing IFBB Bikini classes are available with our posing coaches and IFBB Pro league Australian judge Michael – check out our next available bikini classes. Learn to pose for a IFBB with our personal posing coaching.

This gives you the privacy and confidence to learn what shapes suit you best in a personal and intimate environment at our private posing studio and with our IFBB Qualified Posing Coaches.
Learning in a group class

Throughout 4 sessions you will be guided by our qualified IFBB pro league NPC bikini model posing coaches. Posing coaching packages available to all bikini models around the world and of all experience levels beginner to advanced. Availabile via in person or online posing coaching where you will learn to stand confidently in your swimsuit and wow the judges.
Bikini competitor Lisa Zah
Our 4 sessions to stage IFBB Posing Coaching package includes a step-by-step bikini guide on topics that include:
  • How to pose as a bikini model
  • What poses suit your body
  • How to wear your swimsuit
  • How to walk as a bikini model
  • IFBB and NPC judging criteria
  • How to stand out on stage
  • Posing tips on how to be confident in your bikini
IFBB head judge shows bikini model to pose
With every posing session that you complete it includes a detailed and personalised video of your individual poses and everything that we learn in each session for you to keep and learn away with to progress in your posing in between sessions.
These videos give you all the bikini posing tips and act as a guide so that you can feel confident with your Posing in between sessions and leading into your my IFFB be competition.
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Learning in a posing class