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Find out here everything you need to know (including how to pose for ICN) as a bikini, sports, fitness, angels, street wear or figure model. Suitable for the ICN Queensland, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Tropix competitions.

About ICN Queensland Shows

ICN Queensland, Tropix, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast Bodybuilding Shows have been running for over 10 years. This highly reputable bodybuilding federation and competition offers athletes a stage to present their passion and hard work. Click the pink button below for any questions or posing enquiries.

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Competition Dates

Icn brisbane competition bodybuilding
Queensland ICN shows are offered to athletes throughout two separate seasons each year.

Season A dates are confirmed the year prior and are usually run in the month of April. Season B shows are usually ran throughout September. All athletes who compete at a state show in state competitions are then eligible for the national championships.

To confirm all dates for your bodybuilding competition check out the ICN Queensland calendar here .

Show Promoter Contacts

Jason Woodforth 0403 498 444
Scott Piper 0490 078 844

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Posing Coaching

Personal posing coaches Brisbane

Learn how to pose for ICN – I Compete Natural Queensland, Tropix, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. We offer personal posing coaching worldwide online and in person for all female categories including:

  • Bikini
  • Sports
  • Fitness
  • Swimsuit (one piece)
  •  Streetwear
  •  Transformation
  •  Figure
  •  Physique

Large groups class for fit

Through our posing coaching sessions you will have the opportunity to work online with ICN international Judges and our highly experienced posing coaches. We will guide you to complete confidence on stage. This is by teaching you how to score highly in your bodybuilding competition. That way you will understand judging criteria and poses to suit your physique. Therefore knowing how to score highly on stage for the ICN Queensland stage.

Online posing video call

What Your Posing Coach Will Teach You

  • Poses specific to your category and physique
  • Fully personalised quarter turn routine
  • How to move fluently in your transitions
  • Lat activation to showcase your muscularity correctly
  • Full Stage walk choreography routine
  • Stage etiquette, how to move confidently around the stage
  • Pose downs and how to capture the judges attention
  • How to wear your bikini to compliment your physique and poses

ICN Queensland Categories and Divisions

ICN Queensland offers many different categories. Available for all types of athletes from first time beginners to advanced pro athletes. Below we cover all of the female categories offered to compete in their show.

Bikini Models

Modelling in Bikinis division

As a Bikini model you are required to have muscular development on the smaller side. That means that if you are a beginner or first timer it is the perfect entry level category. Therefore if you are starting out in bodybuilding its perfect for you. ICN Queensland Bikini models must not display any abdominal definition. Therefore they must hold enough body fat for no muscle separation to be visible.

Bikini model poses icn tropix

As a bikini model you are judged on overall shape symmetry and conditioning in your physique. Part of your scoring also includes:

  • Stage presentation
  • Confidence
  • Hair
  • Tan
  • Make up
  • Posing

Sports Model

Icn sports model poses criteria

You must display a good amount of muscle development. This means muscularity should be showcased throughout your back and shoulders. Always aiming to create:

  • X shape
  • Wide back
  • Small waist

As a sports model you should showcase muscle separation in your physique and poses. However not as much muscular separation as a fitness model (see below). You are also judged on your stage presentation hair, tan and make up.

Fitness Model

Fitness modelling division Sunshine Coast

As an ICN fitness model you must display more muscle development than a bikini or sports competitor. Your shoulders must appear developed otherwise known as “capped” and it is crucial to display detail in your back muscularity.

As a fitness competitor you must display six pack abdominal definition. But also keeping in mind you must be leaner than a figure competitor.

A large majority of your judging is done on muscularity development and overall balance symmetry and proportion of your physique.

Swimsuit Model

Swimmers division criteria posing

As a swimsuit model (otherwise known as one piece) you are not judged to the degree as the above categories are on your muscular development. Rather the judging panel is looking for overall shape, symmetry and a toned condition.

This category is described as an entry-level category. Therefore not as much muscle mass is required to be competitive. As a swimsuit model you must display a combination of overall beauty and the physical appeal of a shapely toned body.


Figure muscle pose guidance

As a Figure model you must display the most muscle out of all the female divisions. You must showcase to the judges a physique with developed muscularity and lean conditioning. Therefore it is important to display muscle separation while at the same time maintaining femininity.

Posing includes:

  • Relaxed pose
  • Symmetry round /Quarter turns
  • Six muscularity poses

Angels, Runway and Street Wear Category Descriptions Coming Soon

Icn Queensland street wear category

Let’s make you our next ICN Pro Athlete!

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