ICN Queensland

Here you will learn everything that is required on stage for all categories for the ICN Queensland Tropix, Sunshine Coast Shows posing.

Bikini – Sports – Fitness – Wellness

What athletes need to learn

  • Quarter turns
  • Half turns
  • Reset poses
  • Stage walk (Map below)
  • Swapping lines “Back line please swap with the front line”
  • Walk to the rear and front of stage
  • Stage etiquette
  • Pose downs

ICN Queensland Important Posing Specifics

  • Front pose must be front on for all categories
  • Teach clients to “reset” their poses every 10-15 seconds
  • Fitness and sports categories may be asked to “Take your hands down for back pose”
  • Fitness and sports can hold in either hands up or hands down back pose, choose which ever is strongest or alternate between both

Stage Walk Map Fitness Sports Bikini Swimsuit Wellness

Stage walk directions for icn qld

  • Competitor will be introduced from side stage left when facing the judges
  • Acknowledge judges when entering at point 1
  • At front line hit your front pose ready for 1/4 turns and comparisons. This is an opportunity to use the reset pose while waiting  for all other competitors to be introduced to the judges

Posing Tips for Stage Walk

  • Keep the walk flowing, introduction is very fast
  • Curtsy to acknowledge judges when you get introduced

Other Relevant Posing Information

  • Teach both hands up and down back pose for sports and fitness
  • Athletes can choose to keep their hands down, but must also need to know hands up in case they are asked on the day

ICN Angels, Runway & Transformation

What athletes need to learn

  • Quarter turns
  • Half turns
  • Walk to the rear and front
  • Individual stage walk

Stage Walk Map

Stage direction for athletes in icn

  • Hit one pose at each point of the stage walk

Other Information

  • The angels, transformation and runway category does not run in every single show. Ensure your client is competing in a show that is running the category. If you are unsure get the client to contact the ICN Queensland president.
  • Angels routine should be choreographed to be very bubbly and energetic.
  • Runway model should be like red carpet poses, more glamarous.


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