ICN Posing Package

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Step on stage with confidence by completing our ICN personal posing coaching package. This package is available in in person or online. It is designed for interstate and international ICN athletes (including ICN New Zealand). Structured for complete beginners and first timers and covers all ICN female model divisions:

teaching poses for walking on stages

  • Bikini
  • Sports
  • Fitness
  • Ms Swimsuit
  • Ms Runway
  • ICN Angles
  • Transformation

You will learn poses to suit your individual physique, a full stage walk and quarter turns. This is all in a step-by-step structured program. Where, you will be guided by your coach over four sessions walking away knowing every aspect of an ICN show.


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How are my ICN posing sessions structured?

tasmanian poses for icn backSession 1 – Judging criteria + Front, Side & Back Pose

In session one you will learn division criteria and exactly what the ICN judges look for within your posing and presentation.

We begin by teaching you the art of posing through lat activation exercises. After this session you will walk away with techniques to practice mind muscle connection to position your body correctly to score highly.

Your coach will then take you through how to perform your front, side, and back pose. These poses will be set up specific to your individual physique. That means they are completely unique to you and your body type.

This session includes a detailed, instructional and personalised video of each of the poses you learn.

Session 2 – Transitions

At the beginning of this session we will revise each of your quarter turn poses. You will be able to ask your coach any questions that you have from your practice.

Transitions are the focus of session 2. We will teach you how to move fluently, smoothly and transition with control. That way every step you take on stage will be with confidence and class. Therefore helping with your presentation on stage. The session is broken down into footwork and upper body positioning as you learn your quarter turn routine.

Session 3 – ICN Posing Stage Walk Routine

teaching entire pose routines for south Australia In session 3 of your Posing package you will learn complete choreography and a full stage walk routine. This routine will be specific to the state or country that you are competing in. That is because what you do on stage for ICN differs each state & country.

Your transitions and upper body lat activation will also be revised. That to continue working on correct positioning and placement.

Session 4 – Stage etiquette & Pose Downs

In session 4 we focus on stage etiquette and what to do in a pose down. You will learn the correct way of how to move around the stage when your number gets called out. We also teach you what happens during the presentations at the end of your comparisons. And exactly how to get noticed for your next division as you walk off that stage trophy in hand.

This session also includes a full competition rehearsal with your coach covering absolutely every aspect that you have learnt over the past four sessions. Therefore you walk out of session for confident you know everything as an ICN athlete.

Session 5 & 6 Optional Add On Sessions

routines for inba icn angel categoryYou have the option to add on extra sessions to your package if you’re competing in more than one division.

Some categories that you choose to compete in may require different posing or stage walks choreography. Therefore, it is recommended that you allow extra sessions for this. These divisions can include:

  • Ms ICN Angels
  • Swimsuit (One Piece)
  • Ms Runway Model

Pricing & Posing Investment Options

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