ICN New Zealand Posing Coaching. I Compete Natural is new to New Zealand so learning exactly how to pose as a bikini, fitness or figure model for this new federation to the country is vital to being competitive on stage.

Our team of ICN NZ qualified posing coaches guide you through every step of your ICN posing program with structure. Step on stage as a bikini, fitness, sports or figure model confidently knowing exactly what the judges look for with this icompete ICN NZ New Zealand posing coaching package.

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We work with national and international judges of the ICN.Coaching posing routines for icn new zealand


What you will learn?

Over four sessions we will teach you a detailed understanding of everything you need to know for an ICN competition. Each session of this structured posing program gives you the tips to stand confidently on stage in your bikini.

Posing coaching packages are offered to beginner to advanced bikini, fitness, sports or figure model competitors. We combine personal coaching guidance along with group posing classes where you are able to work personally with the ICN judges for feedback on your poses prior to competing on stage. 

Teaching how to pose for ICN New Zealand

Every personal session you walk away with a detailed instructional video of everything that we cover in the session for you to learn away as your home work and as a personalised posing bikini guide.

Each posing class has a specific goal in mind. We break down your posing down into simple steps for you to easily follow along and increase your confidence and ability to pose session to session.
For further information on our ICN (I compete natural) NZ posing coaching programs and packaging CLICK HERE.

Contact us for details on what ICN New Zealand Posing Coaching Package is best suited to you. Also find out how many sessions your may need or to discuss any questions you may have. Or alternatively book a personal session or group class with any one of our coaches directly. This can be done through our booking website. This site you are able to check availability, times free, book into classes.

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Congratulations on makingthe decision to compete with the I Compete Natural ICN New Zealand NZ.
We look forward to being a part of your journey to stage!


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Online - World Wide