ICN Definition of Classes

Once you have your ICN posing refined then its almost time to enter the show. But you may be wondering what classes you are eligible for as an I Compete Natural athlete? Here you will find all the ICN definitions of classes and division criteria. For any further information please refer to your ICN Competitor Hand Book. And for any tips on how to pose for ICN, click the pink button below.

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beginner sport model quarter turnThe ICN Definition of this class means you have never competed before in any federation. You are entering your first contest therefore you are only a First Timer once in your life. However, you can enter multiple divisions on the day of your first contest.


icn act rear pose fitness modelsRookie is your first year of competing in a specific division. This means enter any division for the first time between January 1 and June 30 and your Rookie status in that division continues until December 31. (Rookie for Season A and B). Or enter after July 1 and you are a Rookie in this division until June 30 the following year (Rookie for Season B and A).


mummy division for i compete natural queenslandparent category for body builders tasmaniaThis division you the only division criteria is that you must have had children. The age of your children is not taken into consideration.


There can be many different age classes set by the promoters, an example is 30+: 30 years & over on day of contest. Likewise, similar criteria for master’s Divisions such as Masters 40+ or 50+. U23 Check entry form for age categories.


icn tropix queensland side pose

Entry is eligible to competitors who have not won (placed 1st) in a Novice or Open division includes height classes in that specific division.


Open is the highest level of any particular Division where the best of the best is determined.


sports model side pose icn tropix

Divisions maybe split into height classes, simply divide equally by the numbers of entries in that division. This will be done at the discretion of the promoter.


sports model overall champion vic nadinedanielle collet icn rookie rising star showTo qualify for an overall title in your division (eg bikini, sport or fitness) you must firstly enter an open division and then place first in the open category.

Therefore all the first place title holders of all open divisions then compete against each other. This is to then win the overall title of that division.

Featured in these ICN Overall champion photos are out clients. Nadine ICN Victorian Sports Model Champion 2020. Danielle Collet ICN Victorian Fitness Model Champion 2020.

ICN Posing Coaching

if you would like to learn how to pose for ICN competitons we offer an ICN 4 sessions to stage posing coaching package. This can be done in person or online. Over 4 sessions our coaches will teach you everything you need to know as an i compete natural athlete. we cover all divisions outlined above and including:

  • Bikini
  • Fitness
  • Sports
  • Swimsuit
  • Runway
  • Transformation.

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