Cuteness overload at my studio! ? 

Break dancing Braxley at my studio yesterday helping Mum @icn Bikini Mumma First Timer @hii showing her how to pose & helping us with playing judge!??? 

Bodybuilding can be a very selfish and lonely sport but you don’t have to isolate yourself from the world rather you can involve your friends and family on your journey to stage. Usually those closest to you don’t understand your journey but I truly believe it’s your responsibility to help educate them on how they can support you achieve your goal and dream.

My best advice is to teach them how they can help you, continue to make them feel wanted and involve them on your journey just like Tenille has with her little boy including him on her journey to stage! ????

When the competition is over never forget who will be left in the end on the most important stage of all – LIFE!Posing Packages are offered to both one on one and group clients and are designed with a specific goal in mind for each session and are designed specific to the federation you choose to compete in. Having a plan for your posing coaching is essential to be confident for stage. As all your sessions and times are booked in advance packages save you money on your posing as well as give you the confidence that you will be posing ready for that stage.

For details on what’s included in the packages and your Posing investment options


TEXT 0414 936 969

Posing Coaching Packages  – Book online and pay online!

Step 1️⃣ : Download PT Minder app 

Step 2️⃣ : Set up your username and password and client area code

Once you’re all set up in the system you can access the app to check my availabilities, book your posing sessions book into group classes, purchase posing packages and change or modify bookings ?

Next steps:

➡️ Go to store on the app & purchase how many session u would like

➡️ then go to the calendar to request your session time and check my availability 

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