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Learn Wellness Routine Tips for NPC on How to Win your Competition

Learn all the posing tips on this page on how to pose correctly and confidently for the NPC IFBB Pro Leauge Wellness category. You will learn division and category criteria, quarter turns and how to choreograph a winning routine.

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What is the Wellness Division?

This category looks for an imbalance in symmetry between the upper and lower body. Wellness competitors are required to showcase more muscularity in the lower half of the body in their hips, glutes, hamstrings & quads. Upper body should be smaller and not display as much muscularity.

IFBB Welness Bikini Competitor

Posing tips for wellness quarter turns

The wellness category requires their competitors to complete quarter turns in their comparisons. The comparisons poses are mandatory and you will get marked down if the correct poses are not executed on stage. Here is a breakdown of each of the different poses and what the judges look for.

Front pose

IFBB Wellness Front Pose

Front pose requires the competitors to be quite front on as opposed to what is normally seen as an NPC IFBB bikini model pose. There is no “mandatory” front pose as such but using these below tips will help you feel confident in your pose.

  1. Do not stand completely front on as the judges do still want to see the V taper and a small waist line
  2. Make sure that your upper body is posed smaller than lower body through slightly retracting your scapula.
  3. Stance should be wider than a bikini competitor to accentuate the thickness of the quad sweep and legs

Side pose

Side for for IFBB Welness Category

The wellness side pose is a compulsory pose if you stand in another position you will get marked down from the judging panel. Below are our wellness posing tips to pose correctly for your side pose:

  1. Front leg must be straight and back knee bent
  2. Aim to create thickness through your front leg by pushing into your hip and softening the knee to activate the quad and hamstring in your pose
  3. Still keep the waistline small by keeping your bellybutton facing towards the side of the room
  4. Front arm must look relaxed you will get markdown for having it placed out to wide
  5. Bring your shoulders completely towards the judges however be careful of activating your upper body and lats as you do not want the upper body to appear muscular or wide
  6. Maintain symmetry of your shoulders from side to side

Back pose

Back pose for IFBB Wellness category

Wellness back pose is another mandatory pose. This pose is exactly the same as a bikini back pose. How you should execute it is executed is different. That is as what the judges look for is an imbalance in symmetry, rather than symmetry when assessing bikini. Ensure you follow these tips when you pose in your stage walk and routine.

  1. Feet should be just outside shoulder width apart to ensure the legs look thicker
  2. Turn your toes out slightly in back pose to bring more width to your quads
  3. Keep the knees soft to push down and activate the legs to tighten up the glutes and hamstrings.
  4. Rotate back your hips and pelvis so that your glutes appear round and full, just like bikini models they do not want to see any lines underneath your glutes
  5. Hair must be left on the back but insure that it does not cover your waist line or shoulders.
  6. We would suggest adding choreography into your I walk routine where you move your hair off your back

Posing tips for Wellness walking

As a Wellness competitor you will be asked to walk to the rear of the stage. At the rear you will hold your back pose. Therefore you will then walk to the front of the stage to hold your front pose.

NPC IFBB Wellness Posing Client

Throughout the walking comparisons learning how to pose for wellness IFBB NPC the judges are judging you on quite a few different aspects. It is important to be aware that walking into the rear of the stage style is completely different than walking to the front of the stage. That is because walking forward they are looking for personality presentation and confidence where as when walking to the rear the judges look for glute tightness and activation rather than style of walk. Understanding these two important aspects of model walking will help you to score highly on stage as a wellness competitor for the IFBB NPC.

If you are wanting to know how to walk as a wellness competitor it is exactly the same as a bikini model. The following tips will help you to walk like a model confidently on the stage and throughout your bodybuilding routine.

Walking to the front of the stage

  1. Imagine walking on a tight rope aim to cross 1 foot over in front of the other
  2. Push into your hip as you land which will help to accentuate your glutes as you walk
  3. Slightly rolling through the shoulder backwards will help to create the taper and X shape as you walk to the front of the stage

Walking to the rear of the stage

  1. Walk softly and slowly
  2. Keep your hips rotated backwards and tilted so that the glutes appear around and tight
  3. Cross feet as if you were walking to the front however walking to the rear should be a lot slower than walking forward
  4. Slight movement of your arms to draw attention to your glutes
  5. Leave the hair on the back

Wellness posing coaching

Wellness transition in posing routine

For more detailed information on wellness posing our posing coaches offer Wellness specific coaching. this can be done in personal, group or online. Our services are available to any competitors around the world.

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