FMG Shows Posing Coaching. Learn how to pose like a FMG Pro with our Bikini, Fitness, Wellness and Figure FMG Posing Coaching. Open to complete beginners and experienced athletes you will learn how to stand out on the FMG stage. We offer online worldwide private coaching and in person from Melbourne studio. 

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We are constantly up to date with all posing requirements set by the FMG Head Judge Pauline Newman. Therefore can share with you all the FMG posing tips and everything needed to pose confidently on stage for the Fitness Muscle Glamour stage as a Bikini, Fitness, Wellness or Figure diva

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What Posing Coaching We Offer

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You can access our FMG posing coaching from anywhere in the world. You are able to work personally with one of our coaches either online via video call or in person from our private Posing studio.

Whether you are a complete beginner or FMG Pro athlete we are able to tailor your sessions to suit your posing ability and technique. So no matter how experienced you are we are able to help coach and guide you to stage.

What you will Learn in Personal Posing Sessions

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If you want to stand out on stage and pose confidently then our personal FMG posing coaching is for you. You will work one on one with our highly qualified FMG coaches to create your individual Posing routine masterpiece.

We will take you through a structured Posing program. Therefore each session has a specific goal in mind. At the end of your posing package you walk away with confidence in posing and stage presence of everything needed to step onto the FMG stage.

Quarter Turns and Comparisons

Comparison quarter turn poses for wbff

You will learn full choreography of a quarter turn routine where all poses are designed to suit your individual physique. Therefore we only showcase to the judges your strongest physique to score highly.

Your coach will also teach you how to transition smoothly and fluently on stage. This will give you the sass and confidence needed to stand out as a FMG diva. 

Full FMG T Stage Walk Routine Choreography

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You will work with your coach to create a completely personalised T walk posing routine. Therefore as soon as you step on stage you will feel confident in exactly what to do and that you are doing your routine correctly. Specific aspects of the stage walk we will teach you include:

  • What and how many poses to hold at each point of the t walk
  • Correct timing when performing your routine
  • Eye contact, interaction and connection with the judging panel
  • Stage etiquette and how move around the stage when given instructions

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Evening Dress & Theme Wear Poses

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Depending on what category you will be competing in you will be required to pose in an evening dress or themed where.

Bikini and wellness divas second round includes a stage walk in an evening dress. You will work with your posing coach to completely choreograph glamorous, red carpet poses designed to compliment the evening dress that you choose.

As a Fitness and Figure diva your second round includes themed wear. This is where you’re able to choose a theme and costume of your choice. Your posing coaching sessions will cover the best way to pose in and display your outfit.

Model and Catwalk Walking

Modelling and cat walking bikini

FMG is all about fitness and fashion so you will be learning how to walk like a model in heels to present confidently on stage. Your posing coach will take you through techniques on how to walk including:

  • Pace
  • Foot placement
  • Weight transfer
  • Stride
  • Hip movement
  • Walking to transitions smoothly

Marketability of the Athlete

How to market your profile

The world beauty fitness fashion show is far from a bodybuilding competition. Therefore it’s not just how you present yourself on stage with your Posing. It is important to understand that the FMG is looking for a client to market and represent their brand. That is why we take you through not only poses but the following:

  • How to get noticed by the judges as a WBFF athlete
  • Learn to increase your exposure
  • Icrease your marketability
  • Increase your Instagram following

Wbff posing class

FMG is so much more than just hitting the pose, its about engaging the audience, capturing the judges attention as well as choreographing your stage walk so you know exactly what will be your photo moments.

FMG Posing is all about combining beauty, fitness and fashion, it’s so far from a body building show.

Let’s make you our next FMG PRO DIVA!

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