figure pose front double bicepbody builder pose side chestLearn to pose as a figure model for all federations with our structured posing coaching packages. Throughout our coaching sessions you will learn all the posing tips. We will teach you to be confident in everything required on stage. Our highly skilled and qualified posing coaches will help you:

  • Understand figure/physique judging criteria
  • Create perfect symmetry on stage
  • Activate your lats correctly
  • Execute your mandatory muscular poses correctly.
  • Choreograph your quarter tuns
  • teach you to transition fluently

In turn, this will help you to score highly and become confident for all your comparison rounds.

Figure posing model from ICN

Understanding figure poses specific to the federation you are competing in is crucial. We work with judges from federations such as IFBB, ICN, ANB. This way we help you stay up to date with posing requirements. As a client you also have opportunities to work with judges at our group figure posing classes. 

Teaching posing client figure symmerty pose

Figure Posing Coaching – What you will Learn

Session 1 – Introduction to poses

  • Understanding judging criteria-What’s required of you on stage
  • Symmetry Poses / quarter turns
  • How to create perfect symmetry for stage
  • Upper body positioning, activation of and opening your lats

Teaching how to do a front double bicep pose

Session 2 – Muscularity Poses Part 1 + Transitions

  • Compulsory poses: Front double bicep & side chest pose
  • How to transition smoothly between poses
  • Compulsory poses: Side tricep, rear double bicep, abs & thighs poses

Session 4 – Stage etiquette / Pose downs

  • Correct stage etiquette
  • What to do & how to showcase your strengths in a pose down

Session 5 & 6- Posing Routine

  • Complete choreography of your Body building routine. Our coaches will ensure you showcase your strengths
  • Sessions 5 & 6 Routine – Specific to WFF, ANB (optional) Federations



In Person - Mentone, Melbourne, Australia

Online - World Wide