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To dear all my first timer Bikini, Fitness, Figure model novice Posing Champions coming into their first show! ??? #repost

Here’s a few pics from my very first competition! I’ve had quite a few new posing clients of mine come to me at the beginning of their journey lacking a little confidence and self belief so here’s some of my words of wisdom to help out things into perspective! ??????? 

Never be overwhelmed by how far you have to go or compare your beginnings to somebody’s else’s middle, everyone’s journey is unique and your first comp is always the hardest, your mind plays games with you and it’s a roller coaster of self doubt of wether you will be ready or not, believe me I’m still on that roller coaster every time. But you learn to control your thoughts through your actions. Don’t let your mind play games with you, don’t let negative thoughts consume you because they will! 

Your focus needs to be on what you can control & what you need to do is be the best you can be everyday in every way to work toward making your dream come true, then you have already won before stepping on that stage! ???? #lovemyjob

Nat Kitney Posing coach offers structured step by step posing programs and packages specific to the federation you choose to compete in eg ICN, ANB, WBFF, WFF, IFBB, PCA.Email for details on packages and posing invetsment options.

Nat Kitney is a 3 times Bikini Model Champion within the Australasian Natural Bodybuilding (ANB) & World Natural Body Building Associations (WNBF/INBF). Her sound knowledge of posing for bikini and fitness models was developed from her years of experience on stage herself, working closely with judges from many federations (ICN, WBFF, ANB, WFF, IFBB, WBFF, INBA, PCA) as well as through coaching hundreds of bikini and fitness models throughout her Posing Coaching career. Nat’s attention to detail in Posing and ability to clearly instruct posing routines to clients also comes from a combination of her 12 year dancing and aerobics instruction background.

Located in Mentone, Nat has built her posing business on the passion and love she has for helping the girls in the sport which has led to her opening her very own private Posing Studio.

Whats included as Nat Kitneys Posing Client


Instructional, detailed, personalised videos on everything we cover in each posing session


Free access to my private posing studio (upon request & availability) to practice your posing


Feedback & written advice on any posing
videos sent to me in between sessions


I invite a reputable guest judge to “rehearsal judge” a competition rehearsal exclusively for my clients.*** I want to offer my clients advantages and opportunities that no other competitors have so these workshops private and exclusive to my posing clients and only available to those who have exclusively work with me.

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