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As a bikini, fitness, sports or wellness competitor competition tanning is a large part of your score on stage. Here we offer you not only all the posing tips for your competition but also all your tanning tips.Choosing the right competition tanning product and company for your bikini show is very important to make sure you score highly. And that is with your presentation on stage.

With bikini, fitness and sports models over 50% of your mark is on your presentation which includes not only your posing but your hair, make up and your stage tan. Figure competitors this mark is not as high but if you are not tanned correctly as a figure competitor you may not be able to see the detail in your muscularity correctly.

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How to choose a competition tanner?

You should choose a company that offers a package of hair, tan and make up. As this way the company can make sure that your stage make up matches your competition tan. Placing in bikini model competitions is usually between a few points among the top five. It is always very close so this means that it could come down to how well your tanning is done.

Tips for choosing a tanner

  • Hire a professional company who are well known within the Federation you are competing in. For example some tanning companies colour competitors specific to the Federation example the IFBB pro tan is usually darker than what they would like to see on a ICN stage.
  • >Do your research and make sure the company is well organised. The last thing that you want coming into a show is a stressful experience where are the tanning companies don’t write back to you or book you in last minute.
  • Ask does your tanning company include a preparation manual where they outline what products and scrubbing techniques to use to prepare your skin best for your bikini show
  • Make sure the company is able to be backstage at your show. This way they are able to offer backstage assistance packages for in between rounds. When you are on stage you may sweat or have to change outfits and your tan may drip  or smudge. You want to have the confidence that your tanning company are there to help you if anything goes wrong on the day.
You work so hard on your diet and training as well as posing, your tanning is something that you can control. So putting yourself in the hands of a professional for your tanning is essential for scoring highly through your posing and presentation at your competition.

Our recommended tanning companies

Our posing coaches highly recommend the team at CW Make Up Artists and London & Co Hair Dressing. This hair, tan and make up team work together at your competition venue and offer packages for hair tan and make up together to save you money. This professional team of experts offer a full competition prep package including all of the above tips we have mentioned.
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Please note if you are competing with the IFBB pro league our recommended Tanner is Pro Tan Australia. This company travels around the world with a IFBB Pro Leauge and tans all the Olympia competitors.
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