Competition Bikinis

Hundreds of bikini fitness figure competitors walk through our posing studio doors and in the last session of our posing coaching packages we take our clients through how to wear their competition bikinis correctly and feel confident on stage. We ask our bikini models to bring along their swimsuit to do a dress rehearsal so we can give them all the posing tips on how to wear their swimmers correctly to score highly on stage.
Showing posimg cliwnts how to wear their bikini
Bikinis for competitions can be worn in a way which will help you to increase your score with the judges. There are many bikini makers however only a few who in our opinion as posing coaches cut and custom make your bikini to compliment your physique along with your stage posing and routine correctly.
swimsuit models
We highly recommend 67 Bikinis. Stacey owner and operator of 67 Bikinis is a highly skilled dressmaker and seamstress who has competed herself and understands the cut of your bikini specific to your physique. She also understands the rules and regulations of each different Federation of what they require their competitors to wear. For example most federations do not allow G strings or sometimes Even certain die Montes on their bikinis. 67 Bikinis is able to insure that you have not only the right cut colour for your physique but your bikini fits the requirement standards for the Federation that you choose to compete in for example ICN IFBB bikini WBFF etc.
Showing how to pose in bikinis

Tips on wearing your bikini:

  • Competition bikinis should be custom made to suit each competitors physique
  • When you place your bikini make sure you stand in your poses
  • The smaller the cut the rounder and fuller your glutes will look so don’t be scared to get a very small cut
  • Make sure your chest area is in symmetry with your torso and upper body. For example; if you get a really large cup and a short and have a small torso it may overpower your upper body intern throwing out your symmetry of your physique and resulting in being marked down
  • Understand the shape you are trying to create with the bikini bottoms it is essential that you place it when you are standing in your post we want to try and create a round shape on the glued from the side and back this means not wearing the bikini connector sideways or up to high
Wearing your practice bikini ifbb icnMake sure you find a competition bikini maker who is able to alter your swimsuit leading into your show. Sometimes our bodies change drastically and our poses change so you need to be in direct contact with your bikini maker of choice who should be able to altar in case you come in smaller than expected.
Want to know how to wear your bikini correctly? You are able to book in for a personal posing session where you can bring along your competition bikini and our qualified posing coaches will take you through exactly how to wear it and where to tape it exactly how the judges want to see it worn.