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All posing coaching (in person or online) with all our qualified Posing Coaches can be booked above on our posing time table.  

Posing coaching class

How do i book Posing lessons?

Here is you step by step guide to bookings your posing lessons.

  • Select the date and time you would like from the above time table
  • You will be asked to set up a customer log in and password
  • Log in and purchase how many sessions you would like
  • Select the time you would like and click the blue button to book and purchase

How do i purchase a 4, 6 or 8 Session Posing Package?

  • Save money and purchase a 4, 6  or 6 session posing pack
  • By purchasing your sessions all in advance you can then have the confidence that you wont miss our on your preferred time. This way you can also spread them out leading into your bikini competition leaving enough time in-between each class to practice from the bikini posing tips guide you receive in each personal session.
  • Select the date and time you would like from the above time table
  • You will be asked to set up a customer log in and password
  • Log in and purchase how many sessions you would like

How do i book Group Posing Classes & workshops?

  • Select the group posing class you would like to attend. Check out all our posing events, classes and workshops
  • Find the date of the group posing class or workshop you would like to book on the time table above
  • Click the blue book now button
  • Scroll to the date of the class you would like to attend on the calendar and book in
  • Don’t know that date of the class? check out all our posing events, classes and workshops
    ICN Posing Coach Nat Kitney teaching posing

Book Posing for a small group of your own?

Booking small groups of your own is easy. Do you have a small group of 2+ girls? Contact us today and let us organise a special discounted rate for your team. If you have your own group of friend who you would  like to learn posing with we offer bikini, fitness and figure posing classes for small private groups. These small groups can be tailored to everyone’s individual need and all levels of experience, beginner to advanced.

About our posing packages

All our single, group or 4 or 6 sessions packages can be tailored to suit your competition goals. Depending on your bikini show goals you can incorporate 2 different federations over 6 sessions or just focus on one. Save on personal coaching sessions by purchasing a package of six or four session package.

Learning how to pose ni a group class

Log into as a client through our client log in our above timetable. Once you’re all set up in the system you can access the our booking site to:
  • Check posing coaches availability
  • Book your posing sessions
  • Book into group classes
  • Purchase posing packages
  • Change or modify bookings.

Online – Personal – Group – Posing Coaching
 Learn how to pose a bikini fitness sports figure model for ICN

Example of Posing Coaching Topics Covered in Packages

  • Teaching you the basic fundamentals  and posing tips to be competitive as a bikini and fitness model through your upper body positioning and placement
  • Learn exercises to develop mind muscle connection to open up your back and to be able to execute perfect back pose
  • Learn how to incorporate competitive upper body positioning throughout your quarter/half turns and transitions
  •  Gain confidence through posing
  • Meet & hear from experienced competitors Learning how to pose for bikini fitness

“Its not just about teaching you how to pose, I love to create a support network between my girls through my workshops. As you start to work with me you will find out I’m not only your posing coach but become your support/motivation/guidance/advice coach & friend”
– Nat Kitney


In Person - Mentone, Melbourne, Australia

Online - World Wide