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Nat’s coaching is specific to working with female fitness and bikini models on their POSING and CONFIDENCE. She offers posing coaching for all federations including ICN, ANB, WFF, IFBB, WBFF, PCA, INBA & AWNBS. She is able to help you build your confidence to present your physique in the finest light on stage working with you to understand; judging criteria, which poses suit your body shape, how to create shapes and symmetry along with a guide to execute this with precision, confidence, class, and a winning style.

About Bikini & Fitness Model Posing Coach Nat Kitney. Nat Kitney is a 3 times Bikini Model Champion within the Australasian Natural Bodybuilding (ANB) & World Natural Body Building Associations (WNBF/INBF). Her sound knowledge of posing for bikini and fitness models was developed from her experience on stage herself, consistently staying up to date with judging criteria, working closely with judges from various federations (ICN, ANB, WFF, IFBB, WBFF, INBA, PCA) learning from the hundreds of bikini and fitness models she has worked with and combining that with her 12 years of dance and aerobics instruction.

With all this combined she offers experienced and up to date posing coaching specific to all federations and is able to break down all the (posing) steps to stage in detail with the different packages she offers to her clients according to what federation they choose to compete in (eg IFBB WFF ANB ICN WBFF INBA PCA).

Located in Mentone, Nat has built her posing business on the passion and love she has for helping the girls in the sport which has led to her opening her very own private Posing Studio.

Through teaching the art of posing Nat will:

Design perfect poses that suit your individual physique
Help build your confidence for stage
Teach you to move so that your stage walk, transitions and turns look polished and flawless
Share with you what the judges are looking for
Teach you how you can score highly in your division
Show you techniques to stand out if you want to shine
Connect you with other aspiring fitness and bikini models to share your journey and passion with

Exercises and topics covered in posing sessions include:

Bikini or fitness model – Which division is right for you?
Self-confidence for stage
Judging criteria specific to your division
Quarter and half turns
Front, side & back pose – The basics of each pose to suit your division and federation
Symmetry and correct body positioning within posing
How to showcase your physique in your transitions making thmy graceful and controlled
Understanding judging criteria, and what the judges look for within each pose
Poses to suit your specific body type
Choreography of your unique front of stage routine
Walking and posing in heels
The stage walk specific to your competition
Stage etiquette

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