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With the end of Season A approaching I still check in with my posing champions to see how they are going, and I’ve noticed a common trait – they all seem to feel the need to tell me (or post on social media) what their weight is in compared to their competition day. Never determine your success post Comp by how much you weigh in fact In the words of Diana Kid “Weight gain post Comp is a necessary part of our sport, unless you want to bring This same (or smaller) package to the stage year after year.”

Thank you Diana Kidd! ????here is her article from over 12 months ago I felt it was time to repost:

“Some people struggle mentally with putting on weight post comp – I’ve been there in the past too.

It’s hard to diet for 30 weeks and create a beautiful stage lean body, then spend weeks deliberately putting that body fat back on. But it’s a necessary part of our sport.Remaining lean hinders physique progression, and unless you want to bring the same (or smaller) package to stage year after year, you need to spend time in a calorie surplus for muscle growth – and that means increasing body fat.

There is 10kg difference between the photo on the left (current) and the photo on the right (1 year ago).

To be honest, I’m actually excited about the process of putting on body fat over the coming months. 

Not only does it mean I’ll be able to train more effectively and improve my physique for next season, but it means I can include some delicious foods in my diet that I have chosen not to eat while on low cals. Abs are nice, but food is nicerer ?”

-written by Diana Kidd

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