Learn how to stand out on a national and world stage with our NPC and IFBB Bikini posing tips from our top Posing coaches.

NPC IFBB Pro League “I” walk Posing Routine Tips

As an amateur competitor the less poses you hit in your stage walk and posing routine the better.

In the words of the NPC IFBB Pro League worldwide and Australian head judge Michael – the more poses you hit the more opportunities you may give us on the judging panel to see something we may not like.

As a posing coach here are my top tips for your “I” walk posing routine:

      • Less is more
      • Keep your stage walk simple
      • Be prepared for different variations of the “I” walk. For example when lining up before coming out the NPC IFBB Pro League backstage crew will give you instructions on how many poses to hit at each different spot.
      • With the judging panel and pick one Judge (Michael who sits front and centre) to make eye contact with and connect with while performing your posing routine.

NPC IFBB Pro League Bikini Back Pose tips

  • Chest up
  • Rear delts in lines with your glutes
  • Work on lower back flexibility for maximum pelvic tilt to lift the glutes

Featured in this photo is NPC IFBB Pro League World Wide judge at our posing class describing correct positioning for bikini and wellness back pose with bikini model novice first place champion

IFBB PRO LEAGUE CRITERIA FOR JUDGING WOMEN’S BIKINI & WELLNESS COMPETITORS describes that athletes should display: “Full round glutes with a slight separation between the hamstring and glute area”.

Knowing how to execute the correct back pose and active your glute hamstring tie in while walking is crucial for being competitive as a bikini model in the NPC IFBB Pro League.

In session 1 of my IFBB PRO LEAGUE posing package I take my bikini/wellness clients through the art of how to execute a back pose & for NPC IFBB PRO LEAGUE to give (as the judging criteria describes) “full round glutes with a slight separation between the hamstring and glute area”.