Bikini and Fitness Models Post Competition

When someone asked “Does Nat now look like the girl in her poster again?”

ON PHOTOS? Over 2 years since I competed last and I still struggle with this everyday.
Upon my arrival home from my overseas training holiday last year someone (after complimenting him on all his hard work and gains) asked my partner so does Nat now look like the girl in the poster?
My heart kind of dropped hearing this…

Because why?

The girl in the poster is not a reflection of me and what I look like everyday. The girl in the poster is months, weeks and hours of training and dieting add to that carbohydrate manipulation + sodium manipulation + water depletion. Add to the the perfect hair, perfect tan, perfect make up, perfect photography, perfect lighting and the perfect POSE all captured in that one perfect moment (that I thought would be a good idea to blow up and promote my business lol).

In this bodybuilding, social media, perfect selfie world it so easy to get caught up in comparing yourself not only to your stage photos but to all the other photo shopped, airbrushed, filtered, perfectly posed pictures consuming your facebook and Instagram feed…. So it’s only natural for them to consume your brain.

But what we need to remind ourselves of is that the girls in the photos don’t even look like the girls in the photos…. To a person who does not understand body building the physique on stage looks like the epitome of health and fitness but remind yourself it’s not. To put things into perspective remind yourself how hard peak week was, what you were eating (or not eating), how much you were training, it is impossible to walk around everyday carb and water depleted with that flawless tan and makeup…

I’ll be the first to admit I still struggle with this everyday and I always look back on my comp photos and compare myself to where I’m at now with my physique. But what ive learnt is that we need to disassociate our strong, fit, happy, carb filled and hydrated everyday body to the depleted photo of you from your competition day.

So this post is a reminder to all those girls who struggle with this post Comp ??
And let me let you in on a little secret (from the page FIO) that’s so important and I think gets forgotten in this industry where we are judged on what we look like…

“Your life needs substance beyond your reflection in the mirror and how you look”.

Associating happiness and success in your life to how close you are looking to your competition photos or how your body is looking is not going to make you either happy or successful. How you look has nothing to do with your self worth or how dedicated you are or how hard you train in the gym or how successful you are emotionally, mentally or within your relationships.

So once again… In this bodybuilding, social media, perfect selfie world I challenge you to look beyond those perfectly chiselled abs, separated quads and perky bikini bootys that we see plastered all over social media that’s you keep comparing yourself to and ask yourself- when you achieve external happiness will you really be internally happy?

So the answer to that question “does Nat now look like the girl in the poster?”
No she doesn’t, shes now stronger and healthier and fitter (and sooooo much more muscles ??)

To everyday work towards finding meaning and happiness from within and in every aspect of your life… Beyond the competition, beyond your training, beyond your body. Because life is so much more than a lean body and 30 seconds on stage.

And to conclude…. In the words of Anthony Robbins – “you can succeed like crazy but still feel empty on the inside.

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WFF Sports Model Posing Client Testimony

One of my all time favourite quotes captured in a testimony from WFF Posing Champion Bek Sinclair!

“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”. When I read this quote, the first person who comes to mind is Nat Kitney. Nat is passionate about posing and it clearly shows. You don’t feel like a number in her classes, but rather a friend. Going into my first competition as a sports model competitor I had no idea where to start in terms of posing or how to show off my hard earned body. Thanks to Nat, I now have the basic tools necessary to succeed when I perform. Nat takes the time to establish what poses best work for you as an individual, and provides valuable feedback to help you continuously grow and improve. She also provides the guidance and support you need to feel confident in yourself – whether it’s on stage for a competition or simply in life in general. I honestly cannot recommend the services of Nat Kitney any higher.”
– Bek Sinclair

1st Place Sports Model (Short Class) WFF Victorian Championships
1st Place Sports Model (Short Class) WFF Australian Championships

Congratulations Bek on everything you achieved at the WFF Victorian and Australian Championships and for your commitment and dedication to posing practice with me!

Winning titles like this and posing with such precision and class doesn’t come easy – Bek worked with me one on one, attended group classes as well as competition rehearsals. She also made the most of keeping in contact in between sessions with my sending though lots of her posing homework practice videos to me for my feedback for her continual improvement.

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ICN Fitness Model Posing before and after photos

As your body changes so too must your Posing!! ????

Love these posing before and after pictures!! Check out Posing champion Candice’s transformation in her physique and posing with me coming into her second season of competing.

So much more muscle and the difference in her back pose showcasing all that extra muscle! Incredible!! This is a true example of that as your body changes so too must your Posing!! ??????

As your body changes with every comp so too does your Posing, knowing how to present your physique in the finest light on stage is what makes you competitive as a bikini, sports or fitness model.

Candice came to me in her second season on competing with more muscle. I took her through my 4 session to stage package and tailored it to suit her posing requirements. The change in her physique mean changes in her posing. We really focused on glute activation in her back pose which is demonstrated in this photo – the difference and importance of how much more tighter her glutes look.

#Repost @fallen__phoenix (@get_repost)
It’s….humpday! So lets appreciate all those booty gains! ❤️?Photo on the left is my first comp in March 2017, photo on the right is from my third in October 2017 (6 months difference). My glutes we’re marked as my weak point so I have worked my ass off (literally ?) to grow them. It’s an awesome feeling to see progress photos like this and know the hard work has paid off and how far you have come ?Can’t wait to make even more improvements and bring a bigger and better package! And while we’re at it… let’s appreciate those back gains to! ??#humpday #bootyfordays #transformation #glutes

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WFF Victorian Sports Model Posing Video – Posing Coach Nat Kitney

When 2 of the top 3 out of 7 competitors are your Posing champions at the WFF Victorian Championships ???

?Emma Patterson – Sports Model O30
?Lisa Scullin – Sports Model O30

Congratulations again gorgeous!! And beautiful posing with stage Etiquette being called out! ???☺️ #proudposingcoach

#Repost @lisa_maree_fit (@get_repost)
The moment of truth…top 3….hearing my name called was the best feeling! ?
One of the greatest things I’ve taken away from this sport are the friendships & experiencing the amount of support everyone gives one another. ‘You can tell who the strong women are. They’re the ones building each other up instead of tearing each other down’……
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Fitness Model Posing Client Jasmine – A true champion

Sharing the I N S P I R A T I O N ??

Meet Jasmine. Jasmine and every one of my posing champions constantly inspire me.

What I love about this sport…

Watching the true transformations of my Posing client is one of the biggest reward I get l – it is one that goes beyond the physical and achieving confidence and they never knew they had.

It is through what you achieve in this sport you become an inspiration to those around you and to me that’s a reward that a first place trophy can never replace. You become living proof to yourself and those who watch your journey that your never too old or too average to achieve extraordinary things – and this photo of Jasmine reflects exactly that!

Winning and competing has little to do with that trophy but rather who you have inspired on your journey, the strength you have found in person who you have become through finding the discipline courage and commitment to achieve such a goal!

Zig Ziglar famously said: “what you get by achieving your goals is not nearly as important as what you BECOME by achieving your goals”

Some words from Jasmine herself:

#Repost @strongnotskinny_jasmine (@get_repost)
R E F L E C T .
Look back only to see how far you have come and remind yourself of what you are capable of, all of the hurdles you have over come and battles you have won.
If you are struggling, be in the present moment. Focus on the small things you can do each moment that add up to something great.
Stressing yourself out about the future or what could happen is taking away your focus and attention from what you could be doing now to make it better. Something I am currently working on myself.
Enjoy this beautiful day, I’m graduating today ?

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Bikini & Fitness Models Weight gain post comp

With “off season” / “improvement season” now in full swing I still check in with my posing champions to see how they are going, and I’ve noticed a common trait – they all seem to feel the need to tell me (or post on social media) what their weight is in compared to their competition day.

Never determine your success post Comp by how much you weigh in fact In the words of Diana Kid

“Weight gain post Comp is a necessary part of our sport, unless you want to bring This same (or smaller) package to the stage year after year.”

Thank you Diana Kidd! ???? here is her article from over 12 months ago I felt it was time to repost:

“Some people struggle mentally with putting on weight post comp – I’ve been there in the past too.

It’s hard to diet for 30 weeks and create a beautiful stage lean body, then spend weeks deliberately putting that body fat back on. But it’s a necessary part of our sport. Remaining lean hinders physique progression, and unless you want to bring the same (or smaller) package to stage year after year, you need to spend time in a calorie surplus for muscle growth – and that means increasing body fat.

To be honest, I’m actually excited about the process of putting on body fat over the coming months.

Not only does it mean I’ll be able to train more effectively and improve my physique for next season, but it means I can include some delicious foods in my diet that I have chosen not to eat while on low cals. Abs are nice, but food is nicerer ?”

– Written by Diana Kidd

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Bikini Fitness Model Posing Coach Online Skype Client Video

Posing in Bangkok! My Thai Bikini Beauty on stage at the Asia Fitness Conference and Expo in Bangkok?????

So proud of this little pocket rocket Chom. I love being able to help Posing champions all across the world through my online Skype posing coaching. This was Choms very first competition. We started our journey posing in Phuket back in June this year and since then she has committed to lots of practice in between sessions, sent me lots of videos and photos of her progress And the result is posing with absolute precision and class on that Bangkok Asia Pacific stage.

Chom now has new goals and plans to compete in the Fitwhey Classic in Bangkok on the 2nd of December and on the road to bringing a stronger tighter physique to that stage!! I have loved watching and being a part of her journey and excited to continue our online Skype posing coaching all the way across the world from Australia to Thailand!

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ANB Bikini Model Posing with Confidence

The confidence in that smile & strut!! ?????? So proud of this posing champion @zoralilyhealth at the @anbvicofficial vic championships! Can’t wait to continue our journey for Season A 2018! ????

#Repost @zoralilyhealth (@get_repost)
Sometimes all that’s left to do is strut!

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ICN National Posing Champion turned TV champion!! #famous ?

So proud of this inspiring posing Champion Bridgette representing bodybuilding on national TV – you are such an inspiration to not only all the Mums out there but everyone who has been apart of and watched your journey! You were so well spoken in this interview proving that you can have brains, beauty and booty??

A HUGE thank you for my shout out Bridgette ??☺️ and thank you for helping me to create that ripple effect of inspiration to reach out, help and inspire other fitness sports and bikini models just like yourself as their posing coach!

I was trying to list all your titles but there’s way to may this season! Not a bad problem to have!! Congratulations gorgeous- I look forward to watching you grow in this industry and can’t wait to be apart of your journey to stage every time! ???

? ICN National Australian Championships

??? 1st Sports National Champion

? ICN Victorian Championships

?1st Sports Model Mumma – Bridgette Vogt
?1st Sports Model Open Tall – Bridgette Vogt
?2nd Sports Model 30+ Bridgette Vogt


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Bikini & Fitness Models – How far out should you start posing?

Posing Champions of 2018 under construction! How far out should you start posing?

I always get asked this question from brand-new novice bikini and fitness model clients. A great question and I always give the same answer – it’s never too early to start posing – you can eat too much, train too much but you can NEVER pose too much!

Meet One of my newest 2018 Posing champions – bikini model novice Zoe! Here is a sneak peak of her first posing session with me where we covered what poses best suit her body, judging criteria as well as touched on upper body positioning and how important symmetry is when it comes to being competitive on stage.

I take my novice bikini and fitness models through step-by-step posing packages which are designed specifically for each Federation (ICN ANB WFF WBFF IFBB INBA) so they walk into their competition confident with every aspect of their posing and what is expected of them on stage. For ICN competitors i reccommend 4-6 posing sessions where i take them through aspects of posing specific to the ICN and the show they are competing at.

Zoe will be competing at the ICN Rookie show in March 2018! Congratulations Zoe on making the commitment to your posing 4 months out of the ICN Rookie show! Excited to continue our journey together! Love Posing Coach – Nat Kitney

ICN Bikini Model Zoe – Posing Coach Nat Kitney

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