Posing Coach Nat Kitney Photos from WNBF 2015 ANB 2016
Posing Coach Nat Kitney Photos from WNBF 2015 ANB 2016


I’m the middle this is me not shredded for a competition, not the leanest I’ve ever been, not in the perfect pose, not with the perfect lighting or any diet manipulation, this is me being me. When I look at this photo I smile not because I’m happy with my current condition but I’m looking beyond the photo and that’s what we all need to do when judging ourselves and comparing ourselves to our competition photos or previous physiques- I smile at this photo because I realise even more each day that (and I quote FIO) “your life needs substance beyond your reflection in the mirror and that associating happiness and success in your life to how you are going with your comp prep or how your body is looking is not going to make you either happy or successful.”  I smile when I look at this photo because I know my happiness is so much more than wether I’m shredded or not, wether I have abs or not and wether I compete or not.  In a sport where we are judged on what we look like it’s hard to learn and accept to love your body for more than just its appearance and believe me, i still struggle with this every day. Yes I understand it’s important to have a goal and a dream but look beyond those perfectly chiseled abs, separated quads and perky bikini bootys that we see plastered all over social media and ask yourself- when that first place trophy is gathering dust and when you achieve that “perfect body” (if that ever exists) what and who is going to be left in the end?

ACHIEVEING GOALS GIVES YOU PURPOSE and helps to shape you into the person you truly want to become but always remember ARRIVING AT YOUR GOAL IS NOT GOING TO GIVE YOU A SENSE OF COMPLETION, that completion and happiness must come along the way. So never sacrifice that short term fleeting happiness of getting on stage for long term internal happiness with your own self, body and relationships in your life ? Life is about enhancing meaning so take hold, protect and cherish what is meaningful, eternal and in the end the most important dream and goal that unlike a trophy will never gather dust and will last a life time – creating internal happiness and meaningful relationships with yourself, family, loved ones, and your faith.

To everyday work towards finding happiness from within and in every aspect of your life… Beyond the trophy, beyond the competition, beyond your training, beyond your body, because life is so much more than that 30 seconds on stage #happinessfromwithin And to conclude…. In the words of Anthony Robbins – “you can succeed like crazy but still feel empty on the inside” don’t be that person.

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INBA Victoria Posing champion poster girls! ??Congratulations to Kirsty & Melinda both being featured in the promotional posters for the up and coming INBA Victoria’s 2017 shows! Proud of you girls & excited to continue our journey together as you grace the stage in 2017! ???


INBA Bikini and fitness model posing coach

? www.posingcoach.com.au ?
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WFF bikini fitness model posing coach

Comment YES! Can’t wait for all my posing champions to dominate the WFF Peninsula Classic stage in 2017! ???
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Comment YES! Can't wait for all my posing champions to dominate the WFF Peninsula Classic stage in 2017! 💪🏻🏆…

Posted by Nat Kitney – Bikini & Fitness Model Posing Coach / Bikini Model on Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Weight gain post comp – “it’s a necessary part of our sport unless you want to bring the same (or smaller) package to stage year after year”

Love this post! Thank you Dana! ???? had to share this one as well!!

Some people struggle mentally with putting on weight post comp – I’ve been there in the past too.

It’s hard to diet for 30 weeks and create a beautiful stage lean body, then spend weeks deliberately putting that body fat back on.

But it’s a necessary part of our sport.

Remaining lean hinders physique progression, and unless you want to bring the same (or smaller) package to stage year after year, you need to spend time in a calorie surplus for muscle growth – and that means increasing body fat.

There is 10kg difference between the photo on the left (current) and the photo on the right (1 year ago).

To be honest, I’m actually excited about the process of putting on body fat over the coming months.

Not only does it mean I’ll be able to train more effectively and improve my physique for next season, but it means I can include some delicious foods in my diet that I have chosen not to eat while on low cals.

Abs are nice, but food is nicerer ?

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Fitness & bikini model Posing coaches meal prep tips

Meal prep made super easy!! Tuna Stir fry just add all the ingredients into a pot & stir!

Meal 2 on my custom eating plan from the amazing Sarah O’Conner I get to choose from 4 different options – Of course I choose the one with the most food – tuna veggies & basmati rice ? Here’s my super easy tasty recipe for all the other Team OC clients and anyone else stuck for idea! ?????? enjoy!!

Meal prep made super easy!! Tuna Stir fry just add all the ingredients into a pot & stir!Meal 2 on my custom eating…

Posted by Nat Kitney – Bikini & Fitness Model Posing Coach / Bikini Model on Wednesday, 9 November 2016

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INBA / WFF Posing Coach Bikini Model Testimony

It’s not always about learning the right pose but becoming confident – Melinda says it so so perfectly “learning to love and appreciate your body!” Because then I believe you truly shine on stage! ?✨?

INBA WFF Posing Champion & Bikini Model Melinda

Meet bikini model posing champion Melinda Tamás!

?1st Runway Model – INBA Victorian Championships
? 2nd Bikini Novice – INBA Victorian Championships
? 2nd Bikini Novice – WFF Bendigo Classic
? 3rd Bikini Open – INBA Victorian Championships

Posing coach: Nat Kitney
Trainers: Melinda & Anthony Wade – Melinda Wade Boot Camps

“I never thought I’d ever compete, I would think to myself…wow these girls have worked so hard. Look how beautiful they all are.
Well that all changed quickly, I was on that stage sooner than I thought and looked better than I ever imagined !!!
When you have the right supportive people surrounding you, anything is possible and Nat well she made this possible for me.
Nat taught me something no one could, she didn’t just teach me how to pose, she taught me how to love and appreciate my body. She had so much confidence that when I was in her presence I instantly felt confident and comfortable myself. Her fun, loving and confident personality rubbed off on to me and before I knew it I was comfortable and confident to get on stage and flaunt it. Anybody can teach you how to do a back pose or a front pose, but Nat took the time with me to figure out what was best for MY body. She was there for me throughout the whole experience.
Her constant support was much appreciated, she would message us girls make sure we are all prepped for our Comp day, send us lovely uplifting messages, and even helped us with what to pack for comp. Nat new exactly what to say and how to help, she’s been there girls, she knew how hard it was and how emotional this whole experience is. I honestly couldn’t recommend her enough, If you want to learn how to pose and have fun at the same time, then I say contact Nat because she makes comp prep the wholeeeeee lot more enjoyable and fun.��Love you Nat!”

Meet bikini model posing champion Melinda Tamás! 🏆1st Runway Model – INBA Victorian Championships🏆 2nd Bikini Novice…

Posted by Nat Kitney – Bikini & Fitness Model Posing Coach / Bikini Model on Tuesday, 8 November 2016

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sarah-inba-angels-posing-coach-bikini-fitness-model-pose-nat-kitney-melbourne-wff-anb-inbaI first met Nat at a posing camp in late 2015 when competition was on my mind but not locked in. After one posing session with Nat I was hooked on the idea of competing but hooked to Nat’s personality, vibrancy and encouragement. Nat’s knowledge doesn’t just expend to posing on stage, as an experienced competitor Nat was able to also guide me in the right direction with bikinis, tan, makeup which was a great help as a novice bikini model. One of the aspects that I enjoyed learning from Nat was she encouraged her clients to create their own style, confidence, sass and flare on stage. Regardless of the time of day, she was available to chat not only about posing, but competition process in general. Nat was always flexible for appointment times and even catered for Sunday posing. I was lucky enough to be selected for an ultimate sponsorship for Season B 2016 with one of the sponsors being Nat herself. I couldn’t have held my head up high enough on stage knowing I had taught and guided by in my opinion the best in the business. Nat has been able to create a family environment for the competitors and I cannot thank her enough for the things I have learnt, friends I have made and confidence I have created from her guidance. I look forward to working with Nat for many years to come! Nat Kitney Posing Coach Www.posingcoach.com.au Natkitneyposingcoach@yahoo.com.au

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Bikini & fitness models posing clients post comp weight gain

Are you judging your post comp success by what you see on the scales? – this FIO reposted article might help you reset your mindset ?? Thank you Ingrid!

Checking in with my posing clients lately I’ve spoken to a lot of my clients post comp and one of the first things i notice is that I feel as if they feel they need to tell me how much weight they have gained or not gained post comp – this post is a reminder that your success post comp is not dependent on what you weigh ?? enjoy!

#repost from Figure It Out-An Honest Insight Into Sports Model and Figure In Australia FIO – Do you feel panicky when the scales go up?

When we want to get lean, our first inclination is to hope the scale weight goes down. So, any change or program that causes our weight to go UP sets off alarm bells. But, as we learn more about body composition, body fat percentage, lean (fat free) body mass, etc. we start to realise that weight is not telling the entire story. I’m pretty sure FIO readers understand this.
For example, a weight increase could be due to increased muscle. Since muscle looks sexy as and helps us burn even more fat, that type of increase is actually a good thing. We can get smaller even while getting heavier! BUT, I can hear you thinking, “When I raise my calories, I gain a kilo really quickly. I doubt I actually grow a kilo of muscle seemingly overnight, so I’m worried that if the higher calories are not creating new muscle then most of that new weight is probably fat!” (is this you?)

If it’s not likely to be instant muscle or instant fat, what’s going on?
Well, the body is more complicated than just fat and muscle. Did you know the body can store limited amounts calories as a form of carbohydrate? Our muscles and our liver are able to hold a substantial amount of carbohydrate in a form called glycogen. It uses these glycogen stores to help even out blood sugar levels throughout the day. When we eat less than we burn, some of the deficit is fueled by burning off some of our glycogen stores. You might think of glycogen stores somewhat like a checking account. Fat stores are more like a longer term savings account.

When we diet, especially on very low calorie diets and/or very low carbohydrate diets, the body starts burning off the stored glycogen. An interesting and important fact about glycogen is that it acts very much like a sponge in the body. Every ounce of glycogen soaks up and holds onto several ounces of water. But, when we start burning off the glycogen (burning off our sponge) the water it was holding gets released and eliminated from the body. Incidentally, have you ever dropped a kilo or two the first few days of a new diet? Think about it. As much as we would love to believe that weight drop is instant fat loss, the math just doesn’t add up. 2 kilo’s of fat is 14000 calories. You couldn’t create that big of a deficit even if you ran a full marathon and ate nothing at all the same day. Yet, the scale drops.
Remember, as encouraging as the weight is when it moves the direction we want (DOWN), it still does not tell the whole story. That instant weight loss is mostly water released from the depleting glycogen stores.

Now, here comes the important part. Exactly the reverse happens when we start raising calories or carbohydrates. Our depleted glycogen stores begin to fill back up. The newly added glycogen “sponges up” and holds on to extra water. And ARGH!, the scale weight increases. But, that increase is NOT fat, it is just glycogen in your muscles and liver filling up with short term quick energy reserves. Those extra few pounds are not going to make you flabby!!! I promise. 🙂 🙂

But, time and time again, those extra couple of kilo’s have one DEVASTATING consequence. Those dreaded extra kilo’s convince the newbie to abandon the effort. They frighten many ladies to drop their calories. Or perhaps into trying to burn them all off with extra cardio. In any case, the extra pounds that we are all so sensitive about create a panic or at the very least a sense of frustration and diminishing hope.
The glycogen capacity of the muscles and liver is pretty limited. Once you’ve replenished the depleted stores, the glycogen level will stabilise and the water weight associated with it will also stabilise. In other words, if you keep at it for 3 or 4 more weeks, you are NOT going to see kilo after kilo of additional weight. Unfortunately, so many either reflexively cut the calories back down that they never get to the stage where they realise that the initial weight increase is not fat, is natural, and will stabilise shortly. Hope this helps some of you. 🙂

Are you judging your post comp success by what you see on the scales? – this FIO reposted article might help you reset…

Posted by Nat Kitney – Bikini & Fitness Model Posing Coach / Bikini Model on Monday, 31 October 2016

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