What to pack in your bag for comp day? 4 days out from the ANB Fitness Mania and if your anything like me prepping for a comp you are so excited you have already began packing your comp day bag so I thought I’d share with you what I usually take! ???

Competiton day checklist what to bring in your bag Nat kitney posing coach bikini fitness model posing coach melbourne competiting body building

✅ Bikini

✅ Sports / theme wear

✅ Jewellery for bikini & sports wear round

✅ Spare sports wear (in case)

✅ Stage heels

✅ Pump up weights / bands

✅ Lip gloss

✅ Bikini bite

✅ Dream tan/top coat

✅ Dressing gown

✅ Bath Towel

✅ Hair straightener

✅ Make up

✅ Runners

✅ Socks

✅ G string / underware

✅ Rubber gloves

✅ Wet wipes

✅ Canola oil

✅ Food for after ?????

✅ Zero Powerade x 2

✅ Clothes for afterwards

✅ Spare meals!!! (The show sometimes runs late – be prepared)

✅ Smile ?

? https://www.posingcoach.com.au

? @natkitneyposingcoach

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tips on choosing you bikini sportswear themer wear evening wear Fitness and bikini model Posing Coaching melbourne Nat kitney posing coach.pubSome advice from the ANB head judge Fiona Wallace on choosing your bikini, sports/theme wear & evening wear for ANB Bikini & Fitness models

“In Bikini 30% of your score goes towards your round 2 – active/themed wear. When choosing your outfit be aware the judging panel are looking for apparel that compliments your body shape and features. Your choice of style and colour should suit you whilst feeling confident and comfortable on stage. A Fitness/Muscle Models choice of round 2 outfit is the same guidelines as above with this applying to 20% of their score. In round 3 the Fitness/Muscle models formal wear should be stylish, not exposing too much flesh and a design that compliments their body shape. Colour adds to standing out from the crowd! Once again chose an option that enhances all of your hard work.”

Thanks for your help and guidance Fiona! – 1 ½ weeks out from the ANB FITNESS MANIA, excited to see all the choice of outfits and the hard work of the ANB athletes unfold on stage!

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A checklist of what you need to know with your posing before stepping on stage! ???

✅ Quarter & half turns

✅ Front, side & back pose

✅ correct upper body positioning – eg keeping the back open

✅ How to transition between poses

✅ Walking

✅ Walking and combining half turns

✅ Stage walk

✅ What pose to hold at each point of your stage walk

✅ How to transition into walking from posing

✅ Front of stage routine

✅ The difference of how to pose, walk and
transition in the sports wear/themed wear round

✅ The difference of how to pose, walk and transition in the evening wear round

✅ Stage etiquette

– When to courtesy

– What to do when you get called out for comparisons

– Eye contact and presentation to the judges

✅ What to do in a pose down

Posing coaching sessions with me covers how to execute all of the above appropriate to your federation along with with being confident with what the judges may call out.

Know your poses, know your stage walk, know your transitions, know how your body needs to be positioned while executing all of this then all you need to do is bring your passion to that stage!

Happy posing everyone ??

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At the ripe young age of 48 I have had a couple of BIG life events that has given me a wonderful opportunity to take inventory. Lots of fitness experiences that may perhaps help you.
The following insights and lessons are my framework of how I try to either live my life, rules and thoughts I train by and general surmises on our sport of bodybuilding. As always, a work in progress.
1. Exercise and eating are basic and simple in form, yet most people find this tough in application.
2. Many people start weight training to achieve fitness goals, only to give up because they don’t reach their expectations quickly, and because the activity is surprisingly demanding if you are training with tenacity and intensity.
3. Life’s only challenge is dealing with the single moment you are having right now. Before I recognized this, I was constantly trying to solve my entire life — battling problems that weren’t actually happening. Nobody can deal with the past or future, because, both only exist as thoughts, in the present. But we can and we DO kill ourselves trying.
4. Gain weight too fast and the trainee will gain fat weight; lose weight too fast and lose muscle.
5. Give up trying to convince people that you’re likeable and a nice person. Just be you. If people don’t take the time to meet and greet you, to pay you attention, to speak to you nicely, to ask questions and to engage, that’s ok. You haven’t done anything wrong. You are perhaps just not meant to connect with that particular person and that’s ok. We honestly can’t be friends with absolutely everyone. You don’t have to justify you to anyone.
6. Criticism can be a gift. Especially in the fitness industry perhaps more than in any other sphere. We can learn so much from it. It doesn’t mean we have to agree or change what we’re doing. It’s simply a useful PRACTICE for us to define our truth & build our resiliency. Don’t surround yourself with people who always agree with you. Stick your neck out, and then fall in love with your struggles.
7. Read. Watch. Engage. Be mentored. Exposure to both new and different ideas increases awareness and possibilities, allows for flexibility, more strings to your bow, and you can also learn what NOT to do!
8.Most of life is imaginary.
Human beings have a habit of compulsive thinking that is so pervasive that we lose sight of the fact that we are nearly always thinking. Most of what we interact with is not the world itself, but our beliefs about it, our expectations of it, and our personal interests in it. We have a very difficult time observing something without confusing it with the thoughts we have about it, and so the bulk of what we experience in life is imaginary things. As Mark Twain said: “I’ve been through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened.” The best treatment I’ve found? Cultivating mindfulness.
9. Emotions exist to make us girls biased.
This discovery was a complete 180 from my old understanding of emotions. I used to think my emotions were reliable indicators of the state of my life — of whether I’m on the right track or not. Your passing emotional states can’t be trusted for measuring your self-worth or your position in life, but they are great at teaching you what it is you can’t let go of (cheesecake and chocolate anyone). The trouble is that emotions make us both more biased and more forceful at the same time. Another survival mechanism with nasty side-effects.
10. Though fundamental, weight training and building muscle are ongoing processes of learning and discovery as the trainee’s development unfolds, as plateaus, injuries and obstacles are engaged and as time goes by and years are added.
11 Don’t not do something because you think there are people out there who can do it better than you. There will also be someone more knowledgeable, more well-read, with more experience or more talent and a better physique. Who cares? You need to start somewhere in order to get better and grow. Besides, why NOT you?
12 Eating chicken and broc out of Tupperware for 16 weeks is no way to live your life.
13 Bacon, nor peanut butter DOES not have magical powers. Pretty sure unicorns don’t either. Oh wait, unicorns don’t exist period!!!!
14. This might not agree with the so-called facts gained by research, but about one in a hundred takes personal health seriously by training seriously. Another five pretend to care by going through feeble motions, and the remainder don’t care enough to even pretend.
15. My best argument for exercise and eating right is this: What if you don’t?

Danny D'Mello fitness photographer Nat kitney posing coach bikini fitness model posing coach melbourne competiting body building 2

Capturing dreams coming true through fitness photography – Danny D’Mello!

Looking for a fitness photographer- I can’t recommend Danny highly enough! Danny has captured so many of my dreams coming true and brought to life my vision for what I wanted to achieved from my photoshoots. His professionalism in how he conducts his photoshoot is amazing and the quality of the photography outstanding – a photo speaks 1000 words so check out mine! Contact Danny Via facebook!

Danny D'Mello fitness photographer Nat kitney posing coach bikini fitness model posing coach melbourne competiting body building

Danny D’Mello – Australian based Photographer, working all over Melbourne that specialises in Fitness Photography and Body Building Competitions. Danny’s work is a diverse blend of Photography. Danny has been working for a well known Debutante company in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne for some time and with some great Body Building Federations with his work published in the Media and Magazines. His passion for Photography has allowed him to keep his prices affordable whilst capturing beautiful moments.


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ExPOSING upper body positioning! Photo left is session 1, photo right is session 3 ?? This is the result of upper body awareness exercises I take my clients through in session 2 of my 6 sessions to stage package as well as commitment to posing practice! ? Thanks for sharing your progress Sarah, shoulder positioning on point ?? congratulations on your commitment to posing practice ? 4 weeks out of the ANB Fitness Mania!
Sarah shoulder posisiting pose Nat kitney posing coach bikini fitness model posing coach melbourne competiting body building

#Repost @beckstargram with @repostapp.
I still haven’t nailed this pose, but pleased with three weeks progress! #progress #threeweeks #definition #lean #4weeksout #fatface #losingbodyfat #muscles #hardworkpaysoff #pointyend #igotthis #keeptrucking #posing #anb #fitnessmodel #coach @natkitneyposingcoach

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Sarah back pose Nat kitney posing coach bikini fitness model posing coach melbourne competiting body building

When my posing clients commit to doing their homework ??? (yes I send my girls home with homework after every session) ?

In session 2 of my “6 sessions to stage” posing package (which I recommend to a novice fitness and bikini model) I take my clients through exercises to bring awareness and control to their upper body to be able to help position their deltoids, trapezius and back correctly to further enhance their physique and accentuate important aspects judges look for within posing and a competitors physique.

Featured in my video is fitness model novice Sarah. In our second session we went through exercises to help her develop control and become confident in her upper body positioning and this is the result when my clients puts in the hard work!??

Being aware of and knowing how to control and position your upper body:

✅ Enhances the muscularity and the competitors ability to pose “harder” which is required for a fitness model as opposed to bikini model.
✅ Creates further symmetry from top to bottom
✅ Makes the waist line appear smaller
✅ Accentuates all your hard work

One proud posing coach ? Congratulations Sarah on your commitment to your posing practice and your progression after 3 sessions with me. Very excited about how much more we can achieve working together coming into the ANB Fitness Mania 2nd April! ????


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