UPPER BODY POSITIONING & BACK POSE- Why am I teaching a fitness and bikini model to lat spread?


It’s not so they can execute a lat spread on stage as a bodybuilder does but rather coaching them through bringing awareness and control to their upper body to help them position their deltoids, trapezius and back correctly to further enhance their physique and accentuate important aspects judges look for within posing and a competitors physique

✅ Symmetry
✅ X shape
✅ S shape & curve

Being aware of and knowing how to control and position your upper body:

– Enhances the muscularity and the competitors ability to pose “harder” which is required for a fitness model as opposed to bikini model.
– Creates further symmetry from top to bottom
– Makes the waist line appear smaller
– Accentuates all your hard work

Featured in my picture is fitness model novice Hannah. In our second session we went through exercises to help her develop control and become confident in her upper body positioning to really start to believe (& I quote her words) she can “look like she belongs up there!”.

Congratulations Hannah on your progression after 2 sessions with me so excited about how much more we can achieve working together coming into the ANB Fitness Mania 2nd April! ????

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Bikini and Fitness modelling is all about displaying poise, confidence and elegance in how you display your body on stage. What the judges look for within each pose and on stage is important to develop your understanding on how to pose to best suit your individual physique.


Is the competitors muscularity symmetrical from the top of their body to the bottom and from side to side – eg are shoulders level? Front to back eg is quad development balanced with hamstring development? If you were to draw a line down the middle of a competitor are both sides symmetrical?


Shoulders positioned with an open back then tapering into a little waist then back out to quads/legs.


 What the judges look for in  Fitness and bikini model Posing Coaching melbourne Nat kitney posing coach


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You’ve got the body – how do you get that trophy? POSE with precision, confidence, class and a winning style! ???

Attached is a little information about how I share my passion of fitness & bikini modelling by coaching you on your posing, deportment and etiquette for stage!

Happy reading & I look forward to being apart of your journey to stage! ????

Need a little inspiration, motivation, support or advice I would love to share my journey with u as a posing coach & competitor with helping aspiring fitness and bikini models through teaching them posing and on my journey to the ANB Universe & UFE world championships in 2016 as a competitor! Here’s the link to my page ???? big bikini hugs ?


#posingcoach #posing #posingcoachmelbourne #pose #natkitneyposingcoach #fitnessmodel #bikinimodel #fitness #gym #bikinigirl #lift #bodybuilding #visionpersonaltrainingbrightonFitness and bikini model posing coaching information

Each round will be judged on the following attributes:

Body shape, symmetry, condition, muscularity and overall beauty
Poise, posture, catwalk and presentation
(hair makeup and smile)
Apparel – Coordination, fit and proportion

Round 1 BIKINI ROUND -Competitors will be asked to walk in a bikini and high heels across the stage.
Round 2 SPORTS WEAR / THEMED WEAR—Competitor’s will be asked to walk on stage displaying active/sports or themed wear that will be of the athlete’s choice.
Round 3 (Fitness Models ONLY) EVENING WEAR – Competitor’s will be asked to walk on stage displaying evening wear.

Fitness and bikini models- what are you judged on?
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Time to get real and honest! My new profile picture and what it means to me – I’ll admit this isn’t usually a profile pic id put up (no offence to you beautiful Tracey) but this is me 5 days ago, not shredded for a competition, not the leanest I’ve ever been, not in the perfect pose, not with the perfect lighting (maybe a filter to brighten it up ?) or any diet manipulation, this is me (yes prepping for a competition this year) being me. When I look at this photo I smile not because im happy with my current condition but I’m looking beyond the photo- I smile because I’m starting to realise even more each day that (and I quote FIO) your life needs substance beyond your reflection in the mirror and that associating happiness and success in your life to how you are going with your comp prep or how your body is looking is not going to make you either happy or successful.
Nat Kitney Posing Coach with Tracey Kelly from Midnight SPray Tanning at Nats ExPOSE yur posing potential workshop January 2016
Nat Kitney Posing Coach with Tracey Kelly from Midnight SPray Tanning at Nats ExPOSE yur posing potential workshop January 2016

I smile when I look at this photo because I’ve just finished doing something that I love and who I love was there supporting me and taking the photo for me. Most importantly I smile because he is there and will always be there to love and support me unconditionally wether I’m shredded or not, wether I have abs or not and wether Im posing coach or not.

In a sport where we are judged on what we look like it’s hard to learn and accept to love your body for more than just its appearance and believe me, i still struggle with this every day. Yes I understand it’s important to have a goal and a dream but look beyond those perfectly chiseled abs, separated quads and perky bikini bootys that we see plastered all over social media and ask yourself- when that first place trophy is gathering dust and when you achieve that “perfect body” (if that ever exists) what and who is going to be left in the end? ???

Life is about enhancing meaning so take hold, protect and cherish what is meaningful, eternal and in the end the most important dream and goal that will never gather dust and will last a life time – creating meaningful relationships with yourself, family, loved ones, and your faith ?????????

To everyday work towards finding meaning and happiness from within and in every aspect of your life… Beyond the competition, beyond your training, beyond your body ?? because life is so much more than that 30 seconds on stage #happinessfromwithin

And to conclude…. In the words of Anthony Robbins – “you can succeed like crazy but still feel empty on the inside” don’t be that person.

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#anbvic #anbvictoria #anbamassador #anbaustralia @anb_vic @anbaustralia? Www.posingcoach.com.au ? See More

FIO Body building Facebook page

Love this Facebook page and this post so thought I’d share- thank you ingrid!

“I was just having a chat with a good friend (whom I respect in the fitness industry) about all we dislike about it. And I was explaining to her that I have really spent the last year distancing myself from so much of it. Don’t get me wrong, I am still here….. doing what I do! I AM part of the fitness industry. I still spend my days helping women build a lifestyle that will lead them to a happy, healthy, place of security and confidence because they tap into their strengths and accomplish what they thought they couldn’t. I spend my days being a wife, a mom, working on myself and my health and fitness, and reaching women to help them do the same.

But I have felt the need to distance myself from so much of what the “industry” has become because what I see, that I used to be completely immersed in, is a bunch of self absorbed, shallow, narcissistic twats. And I just can’t with those people. I mean really, we have all seen your cleavage selfies every single day for the last 2 years. Who are you inspiring? You are only feeding your vain need for affirmation. That tells me you are SO insecure and while you may have a pretty body, it’s not at all inspiring. It makes me feel kinda sad because your lives lack substance beyond your own reflection in the mirror. You fail to see LIFE, you know, the big picture, beyond how high you can hike your tits, or how pouty you can make your lips like….. while pretending that’s your “natural” look. If I see one more “deep & profound quote” next to a set of silicone melons, I am going to puke. Real life is so much more expansive than this tiny little microcosm of insta models. So….. instead of wanting to divorce humanity every day for it’s shallow and transparent existence, I have just unfollowed all of the people who have nothing more to offer than pictures of themselves.

But after having this chat my good friend, I decided to explain why i have distanced myself. Because I want other people to know that you CAN make a difference and empower other women, you can help them tap into their inner strength and take them on that journey of self discovery to a place of security and happiness with themselves, but not until you have found that place first. And when you are deeply secure with who you are, you don’t crave the attention and approval of nameless, faceless strangers on social media. You just get on with getting on and doing what you set out to do. But sadly, MANY use the guise of “helping people” and “inspiring women” to feed their deep seated insecurity and need for constant approval. I promise, you can love yourself and be happy and secure with your body even if it’s not plastered on social media everyday…… But…. everyone has his/her own choice to make about how they want to put themselves out into the world. Of course, it’s their prerogative to do so. And the only thing I can control is me and my actions. And after spending a long time trying to fight it and hoping it would “clean up” and more people would “get it”, I just decided to largely withdraw from it. Because honestly, I do not want to be aligned with it. I used to believe that the health and fitness industry was about health and fitness. I used to believe that people were truly in it to help others discover their passion to better themselves. But then I learned better and I realized that 90% of it is little more than self serving, egotistical, self absorbed, attention grubbing, shallow, and lacking genuine substance. It was a sad day when the realization hit me. But once the veil lifted, i can’t unsee people for who they really are.

And unlike most people who make these types of posts – I didn’t have a change of heart because I quit competing and fell out of shape, so by dismissing others in the industry, it makes me feel better about my failure. No, I am still in the same shape I have been for years. Lean, mean, strong, fit and getting on with life. Why? Because it’s my lifestyle. Has been for years and will continue to be. Even if I don’t post pics of my 6 pack abs, or quad separation…..

I know there are more people out there like me, who want to be difference makers but think there isn’t a place for you unless you fall into the main stream bull shit. Don’t give up. Keep following your passion and making a difference. Because a tree that falls in the forest still makes a sound, even if there isn’t a full audience there to hear it.”

This was written by one of my favourite bloggers/writers Carlene Skeencamp and I so loved this and thought most FIO girtls would too. (I have put her photo up as the FIO mast too)

Bikini or fitness model which division is right for you Nat kitney posing coach melbournee

BIKINI/SWIMSUIT MODELS – A division for those who would compete at the softer range of physical development. A flat stomach, toned tight body, good figure, photogenic, shows symmetry proportion and balance in their physique and has excellent stage presence.

FITNESS MODELS – Must show athleticism in their physique.  Models are expected to be lean and defined though the abdominals (6 pack), they must have a toned body and good figure and are expected to pose “harder” than a bikini/swimsuit model.

HOW SWIMSUIT & FITNESS MODELS ARE JUDGED Models are judged on their physical appearance, beauty, body shape and tone, presentation, confidence, cat walk,

stage presence and marketability. You will be judged on displaying a total healthy body image, showing symmetry and balance between upper and lower body parts. Also poise, walk and posture, charisma, as well as confidence.

Received a great email this morning from one of my favourite fitness models Laura Debenidicatis about how fitness and bikini models can find ways to drink more water! See below and check out Laura at Laura FM!

4 Ways to drink more WATER!
As a trainer & coach I find this to be a common challenge clients face. Trying to hit your daily water requirements isn’t always easy when we are busy at work or faced with more important life task. So why do we need to drink water? Preventing dehydration is first and foremost. Our body is made up of 60% water which why this fluid is so vital to your body’s function. We also need water to help with energy levels, expel toxins and keep the body functioning correctly.

So… here are 4 ways to drink more water….

#1 Add your own flavour 
If you dislike the boring taste of water opt for a natural hint of flavour. Some of my favorites include mint, blueberries, strawberries or lemon slices. A perfectly healthy way to bring your water to life.

#2 Make your water bottle your best friend 
One of the best ways to succeed with water is to have a bottle with you! Water bottles are an excellent way to increase your intake. Be sure to get a high quality one even if it costs you a little more. A good stainless steel or heavy-duty BPA free plastic bottle should do the trick. Try to buy a 1 litre size as well to help you easily workout how many bottles you need to fill each day.

#3 Drink before & after each meal 

Drinking a glass of water before meals is a great one, not only does it help you drink more, but it also helps you to feel fuller. Feeling more satisfied can prevent you over-eating and promote weight loss. A perfect new habit to adopt in 2016!

4# During Exercise 
If there is one thing I’ve found that works for me, it’s sipping water in-between sets during exercise sessions. It is easily one of the most successful techniques to increasing your daily water intake and replenishing your H2O as you sweat through a great session!


A post from the facebook page “FIO” Thank you Ingrid, love your page and posts. This definitely applies to fitness and bikini models.

“I was talking to someone, actually about nothing to do with fitness, it was to do with her relationship and she mentioned that she was really concerned about “what other people would think”. Now I know this is a fitness page , so I will keep it relative to fitness for the most part. Here’s the thing. 95% of your stress is about other people. Shoulds, expectations, “rules”, worries about what so-and-so might think (peeps at ther gym, your trainer, your coach, other coaches, judges, magazine writers, sponsors), trying to live up to imaginary standards… Write down all the stuff you are stressed about, and for each one, ask yourself: Does this represent a genuine threat to my life, actual safety, and/or health? Or is this a threat to my ego, my sense of perceived security and “rightness”, and/or social order? If the latter, congratulations! You’ve found something NOT to be stressed about! When I turned 47 (eek), I vowed to no longer give such emotional importance about most things. Guess what — nothing happened, except I felt about a million times more awesome. And you will too. Happy Monday FIO girls and boys”

Follow her page at: https://www.facebook.com/Anhonestinsightintofigure/?fref=nf


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That excited feeling you get when you find yourself on a poster! ☺????
nat kitney fitness and bikini model posing coach melbourn ANB divisions 2016

REMEMBER – ANB Victoria has the First Timers Division (Novice Division) across ALL Divisions and will be available for entry at ALL of or 2016 shows!
If you have any questions email aaron@anbvictoria.com.au or jump over to our website www.anbvictoria.com.au
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