Behind the bikini... Nat's transformation story

A good strut starts with strong legs. You have built the legs now it’s time to learn how to pose them and your physique off in the finest light on stage.

Nat Kitney is a 3 times Bikini Model Champion within the Australasian Natural Bodybuilding (ANB) & World Natural Body Building Association (WNBF INBF). Nat is renowned for her extraordinary posing, deportment, posing, presentation skills and success as a posing coach with her clients within the fitness and bikini model industry.

Nat’s coaching is specific to working with female fitness and bikini models. She is able to help you present your physique in the finest light on stage working with you to understand; judging criteria, which poses suit your body shape, how to create shapes and symmetry along with a guide to execute this with precision, confidence, class, and a winning style. Read More